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Upgrade from my last soaping bowls

This is a wonderful upgrade from my last 2 soaping bowls. It's more cup shaped than bowl shaped, so it works great for stick blending my smaller batches. Also, this is the first bowl I've had with a handle and pouring spout. They are fantastic additions to a great bowl design! I make much less mess now! My only complaints are that it's so heavy when it has soap in it (I used to use a smaller bowl which was a lot lighter, but stick blending was tricky and pouring was a pain so I use this one anyway) and, I know this is my own fault, but it chipped when I banged my stick blender on the edge to get excess soap off it. I realize (now) that I shouldn't bang metal against glass, but my other 2 bowls took it like champs, so I didn't even think about it when I did it on this one. But other than those 2 things, it's a great bowl and those two things certainly haven't stopped me from using it as my main bowl now. I love it!