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New to making soap? Get this mold!

I just love this little mold--I bought it years ago, as a rank beginner, and I still use it all the time. And I'm certain it will last me for a lifetime of making soap! Makes the perfect sized batch, in my opinion...I get six or seven bars out of it, which is a nice amount to have for family use but small enough so that beginner mistakes don't turn into expensive failures.

Great mold but size is confusing

I just used this mold for the first time and I absolutely love it! EXCEPT...I made what I thought was a 2lb batch of soap using 32oz of oils. So the completed batch is more than 32oz. and I had a ton of soap left over. Thankfully I purchased 2 of these molds so I was able to use the rest in a second mold. So my question is how many of ounces of oils do I need to calculate into my recipe so that my final batch will fill this mold?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kristina! I'm so glad you love our 2 lb Wood Loaf Mold! Though, it does hold a full 32 oz (2 lb). Keep in mind if you make soap with 32 oz of oil you are then adding lye and water into it so it's going to be more than 32 oz! The amount of oils you need for a two pound batch is dependent on the oils you're using. Just run your recipe through the Lye Calculator then resize the batch until your "total yields" hits 32 oz!

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Love this little mold!

This is the first wooden mold I've picked up so far, since I haven't scaled up to a 5lb setup yet, but this mold is a solid starter, especially when paired with the silicone liner.

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Perfect mold for hobbiest

I love this little mold...perfect for me as I just make soap as a hobby, so I can make a ton of batches, have lots of fun, and not have too much extra soap around using up expensive supplies. I will say that I understand the last reviewer's confusion on what it holds because when I see 2-lb batch recipes, they usually mean 2 lbs. of oils. I thought that's what this would hold. But, no worries...I just re-size my recipes to 22 oz. of oils, run them through the lye calculator, and that works out just about right. Thanks, Bramble Berry, for such great products!

Great Product, but confused....

I'm new to soaping. I got this mold as a gift. I'm a bit confused. How do I figure out how much to use to make a batch to fill this and not have extra soap batter? It holds 2 lbs, but does that mean it holds a total of 2 lbs of lye water, oils and fragrance? In other words, when I am making a recipe do I just make the portions add up to 2 lbs? Sorry for this newbie question, but I want to make soap with it, but I don't want to have a bunch of left over soap batter since this is the only mold I have.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Chad! When a mold says its capacity it means total, that means the total yield of your recipe (oils, water, lye, etc) should equal 2 lbs. The oil weight for a 2 lb recipe is dependent on what oils you're using so there's not flat oil weight number I can give you to go by. The best way to formulate a recipe to fit into your mold is to start with percentages of the oils you want to use on our Handy Dandy Lye Calculator. Then for the oil weight choose a number close to your total yield. Once you press calculate it will give you your total yields, which will most likely be larger than you want for your mold. You can then play around with resizing the batch from that page by changing the oil weight until you hit your perfect number! I will email you personally to discuss this further.