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I have bought several products but in this case I am disappointed. I bought this mold with great enthusiasm but I see that the inserts do not fit into the mold. There is plenty of space that will cause the content to go out and lose product for this. I know that the inserts should leave space for the soap to expand, but in the case of the inserts in this mold, they leave too much free space

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My rating would have been higher had my mold fit my inserts. The inserts measure as per the specifications; however, the inside of the mold is 1/4 inch larger lenthwise and widthwise than the inserts. The inserts are a sloppy, loose fit. The lining will not take up the extra 1/4 inch gap. I had hoped for a good set especially since BB was aware of an issue with some of the defective sets.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Siena! I'm sorry you were disappointed in what you received. We love the versatility of our 36 Bar Unfinished Birchwood Mold though the dividers are meant to fit that way! They are designed to fit loose because as your pour your soap into the mold this will cause them to expand and press up against the sides of the mold. It helps for a much easier removal as well! See an example of how they fit in and how to remove them in our How to Make Spin Swirl Soap video tutorial. Customer service has contacted you to help with this :-)

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Can't wait to use it!

I have had my eye on the 36 bar mold and the 72 bar divider set for a while and finally took the plunge. What inspired me was the beautiful wedding favor soaps that can be made with these. Having put it together but not soaped yet I can see what people are saying about the dividers. They are not quite long enough for the mold. Considering how many people have mentioned it, I'm surprised it hasn't been addressed yet. Still, the mold is very solid and well made and I love the cover to help gel soaps that I want to gel. I got the 9 bar slab mold as well and it is well made too.

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My favorite mold

I purchased this mold nearly a year ago and bought the bottom insert as well. This was pretty much a waste of money as the one time I attempted to used it, it tore my freezer paper lining which meant the soap batter was going to go everywhere between the paper and the mold. So I re-lined it with more paper and left the liner out. I then used the dividers in the mold and that was a big mistake. The ends DON'T bend back into alignment like the instructions say they do and I ended up with several bars that I sold as "ugly soap". Big hit by the way. Then my friend bought me one of these molds for my birthday so now I have two of them and they are the best!! Just don't use the dividers. I had to purchase a soapcutter big enough to accommodate the size of the slab but it was an investment that was well worth the cost. I love the heavy duty lid for perfect gelling and if I'm not gelling, I can get 18 lbs. of soap in each of these babies. Buy one, you'll love it!!

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Nice mold

Mine came a bit separated and the dividers do not fit tightly and I did have to hand bend them straight but I was able to hammer it back together and when lined with freezer paper it makes it tight enough that soap doesn't leak out. I love the wooden cover! I did contact Brambleberry but it wasn't worth sending back the mold for the slight separation issue since I could fix it.