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I love this

I own two of these so I can cycle through small batches of soap. They work great! Sometimes it takes a little force to get the soaps out, but that could be because I don't let them sit long enough. They're made of very sturdy silicone, no awkward bowing in the mold.

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Great size, easy release

I've used this for a couple of test batches, and both batches released easily. The one major downside is that at the recommended one-pound batch size, the bars come out very short and wide.

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Great size for testing batches.

This mold is perfect for testing new recipes, techniques, and scents. The thing to remember is downsizing all your containers when using this mold. I once used my regular container for my lye water. Since their was so little lye water in that container, it cooled down so rapidly. But the mold works perfectly. Even if I don't put Sodium Lactate in my recipe, it still unmold very easily the next day. Thanks BB for making this easy to use, small little mold. I don't think I've seen anything like this mold any place else.

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Michelle B
Love this little thing!

It is really easy to use and great for testing out new recipes. I personally use it for M&P as I haven't evolved to CP yet. :) For my purposes it's great.

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Why is it discoloring my soap?

Everytime I use this mold it discolors the soap to yellow where it is contacting the silicone. It does this for melt and pour and for cold process. Any idea why? I thought it was just the fragrance that was doing it but my cut soap edges are nice and white while the edges against the silicone get yellow. Doesn't matter what fragrance I use either. Happens with essential oils and frgrance oils.