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Great little mold!

This is the perfect little mold for using Bramble Berry's sample scents and for test batches! Because of it's small size, it is a little more work to unmold, but with using sodium lactate for hardening and leaving in the mold enough time, the soap comes out cleanly! I played with the sizing of my favorite recipe and found that 15oz of total oils or 22 oz for total batch yield works for me. I love the silicone molds!

My favorite mold

This is a great little mold for cold process, hot process and melt&pour. It will make the perfect small batch of soap, especially if you have a lot of sample size fragrance oils. No bowing out and it's easy to built up and texture the tops of soaps. I always add sodium lactate if I use silicone molds to harden the soap loaf.

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Small Soap Batches!

I really like this small loaf mold! It's great to use when you only need ~4 bars, instead of 10. It comes in handy if you are making soap for yourself or for a few people! I use this mold all the time!

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Perfect little mold!!

This mold is PERFECT for single pound test batches!! 16oz of batch oils with a 2:1 liquid:lye ratio was pretty much perfect... Only had a tad of batter left over once this mold was filled to the top! I recently purchased a menagerie of 1oz FO bottles, and this mold is absolutely perfect for testing them out! Pull the sides away, gently press the bottom, and the soap just pops right out! Makes 4 hearty-sized 1" thick bars I can test & give to friends before committing to a larger bottle of FO! My first batch in this mold was CPOP & the quality is excellent! Cleans up quickly & easily, and stores nicely too! If you're looking to test new recipes and/or FO's for your product line of soaps, this little mold is a must!! And the quality for the price is OUTSTANDING! No-bowing with this mold either, and all around ease of use has me kicking myself I didn't buy a second one! EXCELLENT mold BB!! THANK YOU!

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Perfect Test Batch or Small Project Mold

I really love this mold. It is flexible and easy to unmold, just like the larger 10 inch version. Like previous reviewers, I am finding it to be a perfect solution for small test batches. It is so nice to be able to try out a new idea or technique before committing to a larger batch.