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Perfect Test Batch or Small Project Mold

I really love this mold. It is flexible and easy to unmold, just like the larger 10 inch version. Like previous reviewers, I am finding it to be a perfect solution for small test batches. It is so nice to be able to try out a new idea or technique before committing to a larger batch.

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Love the size and love the mold.

My favorite mold. It small so I can try new recipe and fragrance. Also it sturdy and easy to un mold.

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Great for Test batch

Fantastic small batch option. 1 batch hard to remove, 2nd a breeze. Probably need to be patient before removing. Great for making soap curls! I think I'm going to love this mold!

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Super bummed I wasted my money

I purchased two of these as well as the cold process for beginners kit and lots of extra supplies. I thought these would be awesome to practice with and be able to try different designs and fragrances. But this mold is so thick it's IMPOSSIBLE to get soap batches out of it. I have tested 4 different batches. Using their beginners kit recipe, I've waited 3 days, 5 days, 7 days and 14 days.. these just come out a mess. I thought they just needed to harden a little more so I gave it 2 weeks for my last batch! No way should this be happening. I'm pretty upset I wasted so much money on soaping supplies and this mold ruined them all. You have to press so hard on the bottom corners and then end up with half of your soap still in the container or your edges and sides all a mess.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Silicone molds can definitely take longer for your cold process soap to completely harden due to the restricted airflow. The addition of Sodium Lactate will help your soap harden faster, making for an easier removal from silicone. For more information check out our How to Choose a Soap Mold blog post.

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love it

I am a beginner so I wanted to be able to make small batches but still make loaves. This is the perfect mold to make about 4-6 bars of soap. I can practice swirls and everything that u would do with a big mold, but I only use a few ingredients each time because of the small size. I love it!!