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Not good for Soap on a Rope

I bought this mold after chatting with a rep who told me it would work for Soap on a Rope. Made one today and I am disappointed. It is hard to get the rope in, there is a line around the sphere and I can't really marblize the soap. Guess I will have to make balls instead.

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Fun Mold

I was very excited to receive this mold. So far I've used it to make two different batches of CP soap. The first went very well. I poured the batter in at thin trace and after a little clean up they were perfectly round. The second time I used them however the soap was at about a medium trace and didn't want to go in the mold and was hard to get the air bubbles out. Pouring at thin trace definitely helps. I'd love to try this mold with an ITP swirl and see how they come out.

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excellent Mold

Soap turned out perfectly round, it's so funny)

Great Idea

These would be fantastic if the mold lined up correctly. I have to do a lot of work to smooth them out so they don't look like to halves put together offline. The first time I used it, the mold wasn't all of the way together in one corner, and they were a little off when I unmolded. I thought it would be better the next time, but it was actually worse when I made sure the mold was closed all of the way. Like I said, great idea, but not really worth the effort to correct.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Sheryl! I'm sorry this mold wasn't your favorite. In our tests, we've gotten smooth results, as seen in this Rainbow Spheres Tutorial. It is important to line up the tabs. When we were testing this mold we had some pretty disastrous results before we noticed the tabs! It's also important to make sure all 4 sides are snapped together and the face of the molds is clear of any soap or debris. I'll be emailing you personally to resolve this issue!

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Great but tricky

These molds are great, however a tip for other soapers: Make sure to pour at thin trace! I couldn't really use these because my CS thickened up way too fast to be able to properly pour. But that is my fault not BB's i will try again. UPDATE* I used these for my glycerin soap and they turned out GREAT! but pour till the tip, 3 of my soaps had small dents because i didnt fill them up enough. For those three i did what BB instructed pour the bottom half first then put on the top half and pour over, but for my fourth soap i just poured it all in at once and that one came out the best! So just pour it all in at once. Going to order another one of these molds. they are super fun!