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Was sliced upon opening

The material was fine however I just recently got to use this mold, and when I took it out of the plastic it had a slice in the edge. This didn't affect the cavities, but it will eventually tear more.

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not perfect, but nice mold

My batter thickened fast the first time I tried this mould, but it did work with persistent force-feeding. Pouring at a light trace attempt 2 and 3 was much easier. Although I poured to the VERY top I ended up with indents on attempt 2 (pouring half was and then adding the top won't change this) but I got 3 out 4 perfect on attempt 3 by watching it and constantly topping up over a period of about 30 mins. Would be nicer if I didn't have to do this.

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Homely Animal
Wow! Wow! Wow!

I LOVE this mold. I used it for a CP soap scented with white tea & ginger FO and added organic tea leaves at trace. The finished product is so beautiful I can't even put into words how wonderful they look. No bubble problems, just smooth beautiful spheres of soap. I have not had any issues with the seams not lining up since after I assemble the two halves, I reach a finger through the top and run it around the inside seem of each cavity to smooth out the top and bottom if there is any overlap. Thank you BB! Another wonderful product.

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Not good for Soap on a Rope

I bought this mold after chatting with a rep who told me it would work for Soap on a Rope. Made one today and I am disappointed. It is hard to get the rope in, there is a line around the sphere and I can't really marblize the soap. Guess I will have to make balls instead.

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Fun Mold

I was very excited to receive this mold. So far I've used it to make two different batches of CP soap. The first went very well. I poured the batter in at thin trace and after a little clean up they were perfectly round. The second time I used them however the soap was at about a medium trace and didn't want to go in the mold and was hard to get the air bubbles out. Pouring at thin trace definitely helps. I'd love to try this mold with an ITP swirl and see how they come out.