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Seasons Bath and Body
My Second Mold

I have had this mold for several years and love it. Beautifully crafted and with the liner, so easy to get the soap out of the mold with that bottom. So I bought another (no brainer). My question is when are you going to have this model in a tall wooden mold?? Please!

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Love this mold!

Perfect for 3lbs of HP soap for room swirl and texturizing. Craftsmanship excellent. Ordered another. I ordered the liners with first purchase, love them and works well for 3lbs of 16 4oz bars

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Great mold

Finally took the leap from the 10" silicone mold to this mold. I love it! I also bought the silicone liner for this mold. But after I realized that the measurements were smaller than the 10" mold vs. this mold with the liner, I chose to line this mold instead of using the liner. Not to say that I won't ever use the liner....we'll see. Just for those who might be interested in lining this mold, this mold holds 55 oz. oil - with a total volume of 80.29 oz. I did some texturing on top and still had room to cover the mold. BrambleBerry rocks!

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Brambleberry's 5 Lb wooden loaf mold

I love 💘 the improved version of the 5lb log mold. My two earlier versions of this mold were stapled & possibly glued , and eventually came apart over the course of a year or two. This version (woo-hoo!) has screws added, pretty sure this mold will last longer. Plan on getting some additional ones this summer,- if it does. Good design and craftsmanship, easy to use ,(especially with the silicone liners that fit it) Am loving this mold! Extra liners for this mold are awesome, because once your soap sets you can pop that loaf out, insulate it, and start on a different batch. Thank you, Brambleberry for my fave mold!

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Favorite Mold

The perfect mold, one of my favorites *****