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Expected to love it, but...

I got this mold as a gift, and I bought the matching liner for myself. The liner fits beautifully, and the soap unfolds easily from the liner. But I wasn't thrilled with the size of the finished bars. They just don't match the size of the other bars that I make, so they don't fit in my packaging. So I wanted to just use the mold alone, because that would give me the extra width that I want. The problem is that there is a huge gap between the ends and the sliding bottom. It's over 1/4" on one end. My batter would run out everywhere. :( I also got the long dividers, and they don't fit with the liner. But without the liner, I have a huge leaky gap, so I haven't been able to use those either. So now I have the mold, liner, and divider all collecting dust while I chug along in my old 10" mold. :(

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Very pleased!!

Once I got used to how big the mold was I quickly fell in love with it. I finally grew out of my little plastic molds from the craft store and had been looking for something to give my soap a more professional touch and I found it with this mold!! Very easy to use and the liner is a huge timesaver!!!!


I love the size and easy of sliding out the silicone liner for this mold with the removable bottem. I also really like the width and length. My new go-to size for my main line of soaps.

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Beautiful mold

I just tried out this mold and its so beautifully crafted, you get what you pay for. I love the matching silicone liner, it was so easy to just drop the bottom out and remove the loaf.

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Above and beyond expectations!

I absolutely love this mold! Although I didn't buy the liner, unmolding is still a breeze using parchment paper! The trap door is wonderful. Just push sideways a little to break any seal that might be present. The quality is above my much so, I didn't want to use it at first! If you're thinking about buying it, just do it! You will not regret this purchase, I promise!