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Need a little help

This mold is a good quality, but I struggled with the letters coming out of the mold--they came apart and were not attractive...i think i need a tutorial for use with cold process soap in this mold. It looks like I needed to cure them much longer for cold process...but i think i could still use some tips on cold process

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Silicone liners have a restricted airflow so it definitely can take longer for your cold process soap to harden enough to unmold. Using Sodium Lactate will help speed that along and make your soap harden faster.

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So cute and easy!

I was so excited to see that there was an additional mold for valentine candy-type soaps! I really like the hard plastic mold with different sayings on them, but this one is silicone! So nice and easy to remove the bars of soap. Don't forget to use your syringe from Bramble Berry to highlight the sweet words before filling up the mold with your favourite fragrance and colored soap base. You will love them!