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Bad pumps!

Great size bottles, love the look, but I had a major problem with the pumps not working. I'd say around 50 percent of the pumps wouldn't start or would break down halfway through. Disappointing. Only item that hasn't felt like good quality that I've gotten from BB

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
The pump tops do work best with thinner lotions, they can have some difficulty pulling thick lotion up through the tube. A recipe like the Rose Water Lotion would work great with these tops. If you are having trouble getting the tops to pop up and be usable, we find the best way to get them to spin is to hold them by the piece connected under the top and rotate them both opposite each other to get them to work.

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Great value

The pumps work fine and I use this bottles as testers for liquid soap and lotions at road shows. They are reusable, durable and very convenient.

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So far, so good

So far I haven't had an issue with the pumps not working. The bottles are very professional looking and I like having a pump top. I use the emulsified lotion recipe & haven't had a problem with the lotion being too thick. However, these 8oz bottles do not hold 8oz of product. The most I've been able to fit is 7.2 which is disappointing.

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pumps pooped out

The majority of the pumps did not work. I had some very disappointed customers.

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I like these but . . .

I've used a dozen of these bottles with different lotion recipes and none of them will hold 8 oz with the pump. The pump displaces enough space to reduce the amount of lotion to 7-1/2 oz. Otherwise I like these bottles very much. No problems with any of the pumps. I will be ordering more bottles but have to list the net weight as 7 oz to be on the safe side.