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I love this mold!

This mold is wonderful! It's sturdy and it gives my soaps a beautiful finish. So far I haven't had much trouble getting the molds out, but I haven't used it in cold process, only melt and pour.

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This is my first but not last silicone mold. I love this mold! In full cube size the soap is a bit awkward to handle but such a fun shape. My second batch I filled the mold 2/3rd full and the size of the bars were easier to handle. Unmolding is quick and easy:) Thanks again BB

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9 cube mold

I absolutely LOVE this silicone works perfectly for cp soaps...i added the SL as suggested and was patient in waiting the suggested extra time...the cubes came out perfect. You can do so many different designs with this mold!

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its 5 stars for me

This mold is so much fun. the different colors that can be done, layer, marble, and chunk, they are perfect. It is a little hard to get the soap out but I give it 24 hours and it is all good.

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Works great for me!

I saw mixed reviews of this product, but loved the shape so I decided to try it anyway. I have only used the mold with 100% coconut oil soap, and I have added sodium lactate per Brambleberry's tips for using this mold. I also lightly lined the mold with mineral oil. My soap cubes popped out the next day, no problem. I didn't even have to put it in the freezer. I love the shape of the bars and am using the mold again today. Thanks Brambleberry!