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How did I ever live without this?

This cube soap mold is everything I've wanted in size, shape, durability, functionality, purpose and price! It gives my soap a gorgeous sheen on the sides, and UBER easy to unmolding my cold processed soap. I've used sodium lactate in some btches, and left out in others to see the difference, and although SL really does make a hard bar, it isn't that necessary in my formula, as my soap pops right out, Beautifullyou, every single time. THANK YOU! Could have bought 1 25cavity mold but noooo, I needEd to buy 4 separate 9 cavity molds. Lol!

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As someone who just took up soaping, I was actually semi concerned using silicone as a mold. I was afraid it wouldn't be strong enough to keep the shape. This mold has worked wonderfully! I'm making my 3rd batch with it today! My only concern is that because of my essential oils the silicone has started to discolor already and I hope this doesn't affect future batches.

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I have fallen in love with this little thang! I can mix up a batch, seperate into however many sample scents I want to try and BAMM! I have super cute, totaly giftable or resellable test soaps! Used it for CP. Sturdy. Easy to clean.

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I love this mold!

This mold is wonderful! It's sturdy and it gives my soaps a beautiful finish. So far I haven't had much trouble getting the molds out, but I haven't used it in cold process, only melt and pour.

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This is my first but not last silicone mold. I love this mold! In full cube size the soap is a bit awkward to handle but such a fun shape. My second batch I filled the mold 2/3rd full and the size of the bars were easier to handle. Unmolding is quick and easy:) Thanks again BB