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Nice Mold Useful

I like this mold. Easy to use and flexible. I coated with a bit of oil to assist in removing soaps. I like the different shape of this mold just a little something that makes my soaps just a bit different and I really appreciate that. I made melt and pour soaps with this mold

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Favorite Mold

I use this mold to create the perfect size 5.5oz cube shaped bar of lovely soap. I’ve gotten many compliments on my finished product. This mold does yield approximately 2lbs of soap and is a very easy mold to work with. I’ve never had a problem unfolding my soap. I highly recommend this mold wanting to try a little something different outside of the conventional looking bar of soap. Super fun and easy to use....Good job Bramble Berry you’ve done it again!

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Love it

Bramble berry is the best! Customer Service sent me a replacement for a deffective mold and I could not be happier! Great mold for CP. Love coming up with new ideas to layer with the cube molds. Super easy to release. Very happy! Thanks :)

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Love this mold for CP & MP

This mold is a nice change of pace from the regular loaf or bar molds. You have the versatility of just using 1 of the cubes or filling them all. You can really get crazy with making multi-layered soaps when using MP with this mold. I've found the best way to display the cube soaps is by using the clear cube boxes. The next thing I'm going to do with this mold is those adorable petit four soaps.

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How did I ever live without this?

This cube soap mold is everything I've wanted in size, shape, durability, functionality, purpose and price! It gives my soap a gorgeous sheen on the sides, and UBER easy to unmolding my cold processed soap. I've used sodium lactate in some btches, and left out in others to see the difference, and although SL really does make a hard bar, it isn't that necessary in my formula, as my soap pops right out, Beautifullyou, every single time. THANK YOU! Could have bought 1 25cavity mold but noooo, I needEd to buy 4 separate 9 cavity molds. Lol!