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Fantastic mold MP

I am very happy with quality. This mold is a great MP mold for MP soap making beginers as it is not very expensive. I am not sure about CP. I would love a little smaller version so I can make 3.5 oz bars in this shape. I get almost 6 oz soap with 0.9 inch thickness. For adults it is easy to hold the bar but for kids it could be little smaller. I need to look for other options but I am happy that I have those for now.

a bit disappointed

I purchased this mold as a new soap maker. While the quality of the mold is very good and I am sure it will last a very long time, I was unable to remove my soap from the mold and had to end up cutting the mold. I know it was a result of my inexperience, however, I believe that instructions should have been provide with the mold on how to remove soap. I read an earlier comment just now that I should spray with alcohol. That would have been a really simple solution and I would have saved myself the $12 plus shipping expense of now having to purchase a new mold.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Nora! In this particular mold, you may need to leave your soap in it longer for it to completely harden (depending on your recipe). The easiest way to remove your soap from this mold is to push the sides of the mold away from your soap and push firmly, but gently with the palm of your hand on the bottom of the mold to help pop your soap out. If you are looking for an easier unmolding experience, we suggest trying out any of our Silicone Loaf Mold.

Verified Purchase
Really nice

I love this mold. I thought it would be hard to get my soap out of here but it actually slides pretty easily. With a decent amount of alcohol sprayed on there and your MP soap slides right off. The plastic is actually harder than I expected. Looks very durable and you can just tell it wont break easily if you handle it wrong. great for the price! worth it.