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Excellent Product

I have tried many melt and pour brands and this is BY FAR the best of them all. Lovely bubbles., easy to work with .. overall a great product.

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Great Bases

I ordered this to start off with and all my customers loved these bases. Had a lot of fun experimenting with them, and my best friend bought my entire pound of goat's milk soaps.

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Great for beginners!

Loved sampling them all! I am a fan of the goat milk and wanted to try something new!

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Good for beginners

I tried the goat's milk yesterday for the first time. It is good for rookies like me but not for where ai live in Africa. My soap looks nice but the goat's milk part is still slippery and is re-melting in our hands. It was 27C today and it didn't hold much. I stored my soaps in the fridge. Other than that I love them. Too bad I can't order until next year.

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Great sampler!

I'm new to soaping (MP) and have enjoyed experimenting with these soaps (mostly for friends and family) this sampler has helped me figure out which work best for me, as I start venturing into selling my soap creations. The only issue I have is that now that I know which soaps I want to buy, the shipping costs are killing me! There's another company that offers free shipping for orders over $40, and I sometimes have to purchase stuff from them, because of that, but boy, the difference in the quality is pretty obvious, so I hope BB can figure out a way to offer a similar shipping discount.