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I haven't had a chance to use the activated charcoal yet (I'll update the review when I do) But when I opened the box of stuff I ordered from brambleberry everything was covered in activated charcoal. It was EVERYWHERE. It got all over my hands and my carpet. It was a mess. I'm scared to use it now because I don't want to open the container and get it everywhere again.

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The container is not sealed well and the dust ended up all over the inside of the box and on the other merchandise inside. Unless the packaging is changed, I would suggest putting the powders in a separate bag - to protect the other items inside the box.

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What a mess

I read other reviews about the packing being improved, however my order arrived today and everything in the box was covered in charcoal powder, what a mess, no thanks!

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lovely deep black... but how much to use?

It came well packaged, as everything else I bought from brambleberry. I know it took me a while to review, but I only recently used the cold process soap I made with it. colour looked great, however once I started using the soap, the suds are a dark grey black, so clearly I used too much of it. Can someone please share their experiences regarding quantities to use without getting black hands after using it? thanks, Adina

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Shipped in Jar

Just received my order. It appears that they have listened to the complaints about packaging, as mine came in a small plastic jar with absolutely no leaks. Perhaps the pound size is different, but you can be confident when ordering the 1 oz size that it won't come blown out all over the inside of your box. Looking forward to using it this weekend, but my soap mold is currently occupied. I will update if I have any problems, but I expect none. I have used activated charcoal in many projects before (primarily related to water purification) and this from BrambleBerry is the finest milled charcoal I have ever seen.