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my customers love charcoal soap is very popular , I sell my charcoal soaps so fast! people love detox properties, we mix with tea tree essential oil to make our facial bars!

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Excellent Packaging

Just received my first activated charcoal from BB!! It was well packaged; no powder escaped the packaging. It may seem odd, but the black powder is actually beautiful. I can't wait to soap with it!!

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Messy but worth it

A lot of people said that it gets everywhere, and if you're not careful that's true. I found that just wiping off stuff with paper towels helped tremendously with cleanup.

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Love the drama

A little goes a long way. I don't go for a pitch black soap, but a charcoal grey is fine for me. When I add the full amount of activated charcoal it makes a mess and gets all over my molds and everything. I add some extra at the end for a swirl. Definitely disolve it in oil before adding it at trace

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So I’m still very new to soapmaking and making my own recipes and using things like charcoal. My question is that in the last 2 batches I’ve made, the charcoal swirl in the bar will be black throughout, but towards the top it becomes gray and the texture is sort of crumbly. Is this due to my recipe overall..? I haven’t quite figured out how to insulate to allow for gel phase either