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Activated Charcoal

My children love the soap that I make with the Activated Charcoal as a facial cleanser and they use it every time they wash their face.

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Must have changed packaging!

I was a bit concerned about opening the box after reading other reviews. I figured the bag of black powder would explode upon touching. Not's now in a jar and easy to work with. Great product and a good amount for the price!

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What a mess!

My AC was double bagged, but trying to get the second bag open was a huge mess. I had to cut the bag right under the seal to get it open (as careful as I was trying to be) the charcoal ended up everywhere.. I figured I would transfer it to a sealed container to keep the mess to a minimum and I ended up with a mess all over due to the charcoal being all the way p to where the bag was sealed. (I even tapped the bag at the seal before I opened it to try to get the charcoal to drop down away from where I had to cut). I know you have to be cost effective when packaging, but you might want to try another was to package this.

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Great product packaged poorly

I use this product in my cold processed soaps and overall I love the color I end up once my soaps have cured. I would order again, but that packaging is a nightmare. I would strongly suggest another solution for packaging this product because it can be a frustrating mess trying to use the product and end up getting activated charcoal everywhere.

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Love the product but packed poorly

I have seen many other reviews with this same issue... activated charcoal spilling all over the box. I stilled ordered it because I love the stuff, but I am shocked that Brambleberry has not taken this issue into account and changed their packing procedure for this item. Yes they come in nice jars, but the jars are left loose in the box and wiggle open, releasing a fine black dust over everything. It got all over my other items, my floor, my clothes! All you have to do, is tape seal around the jars like you do for fragrance oil, or put the jars in a baggie!! Simple fix. Please amend this problem so that people do not have to keep complaining about it. That would be customer courtesy. Enough said. I am off to wash my shirt....