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I like the charcoal in my soap. It dispersed well and made my bar a nice grey color. I read the other reviews about packaging and can agree somewhat. I didn't have a problem with mine. It came in a small plastic jar (no tape or extra baggie). It did have a small amount of charcoal dust on the jar itself, but the lid stayed in place and it wasn't all over my other products. I personally placed the jar inside a baggie for storage in my home, so I don't get charcoal dust on anything else. Works for me!

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Activated Charcoal

My children love the soap that I make with the Activated Charcoal as a facial cleanser and they use it every time they wash their face.

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Must have changed packaging!

I was a bit concerned about opening the box after reading other reviews. I figured the bag of black powder would explode upon touching. Not's now in a jar and easy to work with. Great product and a good amount for the price!

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What a mess!

My AC was double bagged, but trying to get the second bag open was a huge mess. I had to cut the bag right under the seal to get it open (as careful as I was trying to be) the charcoal ended up everywhere.. I figured I would transfer it to a sealed container to keep the mess to a minimum and I ended up with a mess all over due to the charcoal being all the way p to where the bag was sealed. (I even tapped the bag at the seal before I opened it to try to get the charcoal to drop down away from where I had to cut). I know you have to be cost effective when packaging, but you might want to try another was to package this.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Merri! I'm so sorry your order arrived in that condition - what a mess! Customer service has contacted you directly to resolve this issue. Also, we have recently changed the packaging on this product to help prevent messes. :-)

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Great product packaged poorly

I use this product in my cold processed soaps and overall I love the color I end up once my soaps have cured. I would order again, but that packaging is a nightmare. I would strongly suggest another solution for packaging this product because it can be a frustrating mess trying to use the product and end up getting activated charcoal everywhere.