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Trish M.
Bath Bombs

When I first used this particular colorant, it worked great. I only needed a few drops to make a shade darker than a pastel shade and the bottle/color was easy to squeeze until the second time I used it. Just like the review below, I too had the very same problem; color was thick, hard to get color OOB when I squeezed it and I had to use a lot of color to achieve a pastel shade. I was going to give this review a 3-4 rating, but then, I read BB's response to review below. I will definitely try heating it for 3 seconds and see if that works out

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Love LaBomb!

I absolutely adore these colorants. They don't stain the tub and much easier to use than mica. I just wished they had a true red color and darker colors. Most of these come out pretty pastel.

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absolutely love this color, beautiful and rich!

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Good color!

Lovely coloring, especially when mixed with the daisy yellow to create a nice warm orange tone! My only issue is, out of the three colorants I ordered, this one was the only one that wasn't the right consistency. It was super goopy and did not leave the dropper easily and while the other colors were pretty thick as well this one just kept wanting to stick to the container. Not sure if it was something on my end (I was storing it with the others in a cabinet) or if it was just a dud.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Shae! I'm so glad you love the color of our Adobe Brick La Bomb! Though, I'm sorry you were disappointed in the consistency, but that is totally normal! Because the base of the La Bomb Colorants is glycerin they can get pretty thick and goopy. To remedy this you can put the colorant in the microwave for no more than 3 seconds to start with (you don't want the bottle to melt) and the color will thin out.

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Love this color

I love this color in my bath fizzies..I did mix some color into melt and pour and it made a beautiful red which is what I am looking for..So my questions is, is there any reason why I could not use this color in my cold process soap to get the great color..I love to match colors to the scent and am making red apple scent soap..I just don't want to do it without checking in order not to ruin a a batch of soap. Thank you, Carolyn

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Carolyn! I'm so glad you love the beautiful red color our Adobe Brick La Bomb! We don't recommend using this type of colorant in cold process soap because they are made with glycerin and could cause glycerin rivers in your soap. For more information on glycerin rivers and what they are check out The River Runs Deep: An explanation of glycerin rivers blog post.