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Works well

After some mishaps, I got it to work and it's great. Would recommend if someone asked :)

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
That is super strange. We have never gotten green from Alkanet Root Powder in all of our testing. See an example in our Swirling Alkanet Infusion blog post. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot.

Not Alkanet?

This product does not smell or look like any alkanet root powder I've used before. Color came out gray-ish brown.

Verified Purchase
A. M

I Use Alkanet root powder for many years in infusions for balms, it always comes out a beautiful dark pink. I am very disappointed of this Alkanet, it ruined a batch of facial balms, the color is awful, more like Brownish, i could tell already while it was infusing in the oil.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Alkanet Root Powder is a natural product and can vary from batch to batch. With that being said I have not seen any of ours turn pink for an infusion, normally more of a brownish purple. Our current stock is a bit darker than normal, though it is still within range and should create a nice purple color when infused in oil then used in soap. You can see a picture of the powder and test soap made with it in our description above.

Verified Purchase
Not purple

I have found alkanet to turn black in my CP soap. Hoping for a mauve in my lavender, but sadly, I have black soap.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Alkanet Root Powder definitely turns a murky purple color in cold process soap, similar to black. You can see an example of the color in CP in the above sample picture. If you're looking for more of a true purple color you may prefer Ultramarine Violet Oxide Pigment.

Verified Purchase
Grey, like my feelings.

After researching on how to get a natural rustic purple in my lavender soap, I was excited to give Alkanet a try. I used the correct powder to oil ratios for the infusion, let it set in the sun for several days and filtered out everything. I had a LOVELY deep purple infusion. I added 2 tbsp of the infusion into the oil phase. When I poured the lye water in and started to blend, it turned, concrete grey. The batch also riced and started to get thick very quickly. I tried pouring and spooning what I could into the 12 cavity silicone molds before it got TOO thick. The next day I ended up with grey, clumpy soap squares :o(

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Virginia! I'm sorry you were disappointed in your results with this color. We love the Alkanet Root Powder for a natural purple color and I think you will be surprised in your final results! While the Alkanet does go a bit gray at first it will turn into a murky purple color in your CP soap as it cures a bit. See an example of this in our Natural Colorant Testing & Inspiration blog post. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot :-)