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Changed scent of my batch of soap

I added a tablespoon of this to a 2-lb. batch of cold process soap and while I was still mixing the batch with a stick blender, I noticed the scent of my soap had suddenly changed (and not for the better). I had combined a lovely mix of lavender, grapefruit and peru balsam essential oils with a hint of nutmeg. Now the batch just smells dirty, for lack of a better term. Very disappointed because I am going to throw the entire batch away - a total waste of ingredients and my essential oils. And the alkanet root powder will be thrown away right along with the soap!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amy! I'm sorry you were disappointed in your results with this color. We love the Alkanet Root Powder and the deep, natural purple it creates. Though, being a natural colorant, it does have an earthy smell similar to top soil. Combined with the deep incense musk smell of the Balsam Peru Essential Oil, I can definitely see where the combination may have smelled even more earthy in the end. If you're looking for a different purple colorant with a more subtle smell, you may like the Ultramarine Violet Oxide Pigment. You can even try darkening it with a touch of Activated Charcoal.

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Purple - Grape

I love the color that I got in my Hot Process soap.

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I bought this product specifically to use in a lilac soap. I infused it in oil per the recipe directions and kept waiting for the purple color to appear. Just green! The color changed from a gray to a green during trace and remains green in the mold. So far- an hour later....still green! I do love green, but now will have green lilac-scented soap.

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Not really purple, but close enough...

The color is closer to a brownish gray than murky purple, but it works well for a muted lavender color. My only complaint is that it bleeds an icky brown color into the non-colored parts of the soap. I do like that it's a natural ingredient that offers an OK alternative to purple.

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I recently bought this root powder to attempt a lavender soap, of course to get a purple color. The root was infused in oil for over a month now and when I used it, the soap turned green immediately, and stayed green after it traced. The only compensation is that it's a nice shade of green, but I'm still heartbroken by it.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Kinda! I'm sorry you were disappointed with the results of this powder in your soap. Alkanet Root Powder, being a natural product, can do some strange things. You've only mentioned the soap at trace being green, I'm wondering if your finished soap was green as well. This colorant does change color from the infusion, to when it's first added to your soap, then to its final color in the soap. Gel phase is Alkanet Root Powder's friend! Find out more about gel phase in our Jazzed About Gel Phase blog post. If your final soap is that green color you may not have used enough of the powder. I would recommend using more as well as doing a hot infusion versus a cold infusion. Find out more about how to do a hot infusion in our How to Infuse Oils with a Crock-Pot blog post.