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Aloe in face cream

Can aloe extract be used in the place of aloe gel?

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In hot process

I love aloe extract ! I have used in lip balms, body butters it gives nice smooth and nourishing skin. I'm planning to make hot process aloe vera soap and I'm wondering how to use it in hot process??

Makes your skin super soft!

I add this when I make my soap and my customers tell me my soap make their skin feel like silk! I never go with out it, it's just Wonderful!!

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Great stuff

I added this to a body butter and just love it! I'm so happy. Can't wait to add this to my lip balm!

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Janet R
Aloe Extract

I haven't rated this yet because I bought it, but don't know when to put it into my cp soap.....I'm tempted to add it to my oils before the lye water.....please advise as all the ratings didn't help me a bit! Thanks, Janet I picked a rating of average because I'm still not sure when to add this additive....TIA

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Janet! We recommend adding extracts, including the Aloe Extract, to your cold process soap at a thin trace. This means around the same time as you add your fragrance oils.