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Great stuff

I added this to a body butter and just love it! I'm so happy. Can't wait to add this to my lip balm!

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Janet R
Aloe Extract

I haven't rated this yet because I bought it, but don't know when to put it into my cp soap.....I'm tempted to add it to my oils before the lye water.....please advise as all the ratings didn't help me a bit! Thanks, Janet I picked a rating of average because I'm still not sure when to add this additive....TIA

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Janet! We recommend adding extracts, including the Aloe Extract, to your cold process soap at a thin trace. This means around the same time as you add your fragrance oils.

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Incorporating in heated oil phase

I see a lot of your recipes call to add the extract in the cool down phase. I have also seen in other companies recipes that it can be used in the heated oil phase. I'm wondering if I use the maximum usage rate if my emulsion will be more stable if used in the heated oil phase. Please any input?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Amanda! You definitely can add the Aloe Extract to the heated oil phase. Though, if you are going to do so I would recommend adding it towards the end of the oil phase when things are starting to cool down a bit. Even if you add your Aloe Extract to the cool down phase your emulsion should be just as stable. Just make sure the emulsifying wax you use was calculated to include the amount of extract you're adding.

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Great in lip balm

I'm using this in a lip balm at 2%. Very nice!

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I want to know which process that extract can be added into soap making? (for both MP and CP), can I mix it with other extract to have a multi-effect? Thank you.