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Pretty good but needs more glide

So far this deodorant is holding up. It is very hard and doesn't glide well which would be my only criticism. Would there be something that I can add to help with that but not diminish the effectiveness?

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Burns with and without fragrance oil

It seems like Christopher and i received a different product than everyone else, because this stuff burns. My husband and teenage sons had the same stinging. My pits are still sore the day after using it. I really had high hopes for this product, and am really bummed that we can't use it. We also tried it without any additives and got the same reaction:(

Why Optiphen?

I would love to buy this deodorant base but the Optiphen is off putting. Any way to make a deodorant base with out this ingredient?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Optiphen preservative is needed in the the Aluminum Free Deodorant Base since it contains water. Though it is both paraben and formaldehyde free. Without the preservative bacteria could grow in the base and negatively affect the active yeast.

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Works great

I use this and add a couple drops of Silver Citrate and it works amazing! It glides better when you add a little water to it before wiping on. No skin sensitivity here.

Love this but wish bulk prices were cheaper

I would love to be able to sell this because it works great for me. But at $20.80 per pound it's just too expensive for anything other than personal use. Wish you would offer more of a discount for bulk Anne Marie!