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is is diluted essential oil

Hello I have more of a question than review. I received my essential oils today which include lemongrass, anise, along with others and other fragrances. the only one that arrived frozen ( I live in a cold climate) was the anise essential oil. I dont know much about essentials but i thought oils didnt freeze unless they are diluted. Is this one diluted or something else added to it or is it normal to see this frozen?

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
The Anise Essential Oil starts to solidify at about 65 degrees so during winter it is common to see it arrive in this way.

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Licorice strings

This EO reminds us of the good stuff licorice string candies. We used it in MP and CP soap without any problem.

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Great scent

I used this in hp soap. Very strong long lasting scent. No fading so far.

Maria & Bessi
Behavior in CP soap

Very rich! Smells like expensive/real licorice. Seamed to decelerate in the beginning and then went back to the trace we had added it to. Very nice to work with. We had lots of time to do swirls. Cant wait to see how it cures!!

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Corynn Lewis
Awesome in CP Soap

This EO is my favorite that I have worked with so far. Smells so good, like black licorice but a bit deeper. A great unisex scent, not that any scent can't be.