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Beautiful Yellow

This was one of the last things I added to added to my cart, and I am so glad I did. It made such a light, pretty yellow without gelling. I can't wait to try a recipe with gelling. It is nice to have natural colorant that is so vibrant. I think infusions may end up being my favorite way to color soap.


I used these for the first time and I love the dark orange color and a little goes a long way. I hot infused 4t in 32 oz oil in the crock pot and got a red/orange color. I added the lye water and got a deep orange natural color. I love them and I have A LOT left from the 3 oz bag.

Verified Purchase
Great color

I have been soaking 2 tablespoons of these seeds in olive oil since 4/15/16. The color is a wonderful orange/yellow color. Will post photos on BB FB page.

Extremely pleased with the Annatto Seed!

I was a little skeptical because of the price but let me tell you what: I just made a BEAUTIFUL natural colorant for use in my soaps with this seed and almond oil. It started changing the oil within hours but it was more yellow for days - over the weeks it changed from yellow to dark yellow then moved to a beautiful orange after about an 8 week infusion time. GORGEOUS! Now I just can't wait to use it! I'll add to my review after I do but for now I'm extremely pleased! Thank you Bramble for giving us such high-quality ingredients at prices that won't cramp our budget!!!

I like it!

It makes a nice natural color. Really easy to use.