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Smells Wonderful

It didn't smell very strong out of the bottle but after I added it to a batch of cp soap, Oh My!!! The scent woke up and smells just like an apple.

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One of my favorites!

So glad you sent samples of this. Otherwise I would have missed one of the best fragrances I've had, so far, in my cp soaps.

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its a dead on mac apple, but it smells like the taste of the apple, if that makes sense. Worked VERY well in ,my cp, no discoloring at all, no acceleration, nothing, just a well behaved fragrance and ohh so lovely! the whole house smelled like apple so it has a LOOOONG throw and I used it as a room spray as well, omg, my house smelled like an orchard. I mixed in a few drops of pumpkin brown sugar to the room spray and it smelled like a caramel apple.

Maria and Bessi
Behavior in CP Soap

This Fo worked really well for our CP batter! There was no sign of acceleration, ricing, or discoloration and this smell has stuck in our CP soap for a few months now.

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I used this to fragrance my apple cider cold process soap,with actual apple cider in it. I behaved well,had time to do a mantra swirl and a mica top. No discoloration or acceleration and it smells exactly like Macintosh apples!