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Crazy for "Apple Moss Green"!!!

It's my personal opinion that BB offers OUTSTANDING micas at a price that can't be beat!! Where else can you get a full ounce of gorgeous color where the quality is just as awesome as the price?!! This color is Stunning with a capitol "S" and looks beautiful in CP!! This shade took my breath away the very first time I blended it with a light carrier oil... It's such a fantastic hue of botanical green, with a rich earthiness & undertones of gold! This is NOT "split pea soup" green, this is a stunning mossy green with depth & regal character! Goes absolutely PERFECT with earthy, green, soothing and/or botanical-type fragrances! The color stays so incredibly true at 1tsp/PPO, and already I'm planning MORE CP projects where I can incorporate this amazing color! This is the type of mica you buy where you'll want to purchase FO's based around it, not the other way around! INCREDIBLE color BB!! THANK YOU!!!

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MC Davis
color is gorgeous

This color is beautiful and remains so in cp soap. I dont leave reviews but I feel strongly about this beautiful green. It’s on the puce side but gorgeous!!

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Nerdtastic Craftations
Wonderful Color

I used this 1/4 tsp of this color in the SFIC Clear M&P base for my Shire Garden themed soap. The mossy color was perfect for the look I wanted to achieve. The slight golden shimmer was a delightful surprise, it looks like sunshine on a bed of moss. Highly recommend for anyone looking to create a soft nature inspired look. Again, I wish we could add pictures.

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Excellent in M&P

I do alot of flowers and mica painting and was looking for a closer to life green. When I first opened this I thought I had made a mistake but upon using this color I was really impressed. This is now my go to when I need to do stems and leaves.

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My favorite mica, I think lol, I love them all!

I really love this mica because the green color is so beautiful with like a light golden shimmer to it. It's really beautiful in everything I've used it in:) ThanksBB♡