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MC Davis
color is gorgeous

This color is beautiful and remains so in cp soap. I dont leave reviews but I feel strongly about this beautiful green. It’s on the puce side but gorgeous!!

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Nerdtastic Craftations
Wonderful Color

I used this 1/4 tsp of this color in the SFIC Clear M&P base for my Shire Garden themed soap. The mossy color was perfect for the look I wanted to achieve. The slight golden shimmer was a delightful surprise, it looks like sunshine on a bed of moss. Highly recommend for anyone looking to create a soft nature inspired look. Again, I wish we could add pictures.

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Excellent in M&P

I do alot of flowers and mica painting and was looking for a closer to life green. When I first opened this I thought I had made a mistake but upon using this color I was really impressed. This is now my go to when I need to do stems and leaves.

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My favorite mica, I think lol, I love them all!

I really love this mica because the green color is so beautiful with like a light golden shimmer to it. It's really beautiful in everything I've used it in:) ThanksBB♡

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Ooo Aaahh

When I first mixed this in my CP batter it turned a pea soup green and my heart sank. But this morning when I lifted my "soap sleeping" box I could see that it had turned back into the beautiful apple moss green it's supposed to be and my heart leaped with soapy joy! I can't wait to take it out of the mold and slice. That's the hardest part for me--having the patience to wait!