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Ooo Aaahh

When I first mixed this in my CP batter it turned a pea soup green and my heart sank. But this morning when I lifted my "soap sleeping" box I could see that it had turned back into the beautiful apple moss green it's supposed to be and my heart leaped with soapy joy! I can't wait to take it out of the mold and slice. That's the hardest part for me--having the patience to wait!

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Apple Moss Green Mica

I used this color for the first time in my cold process soap and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. The color is, of course, not sparkly but it is such a lovely soft yet sturdy moss green. I had no problems mixing and my soap turned out so beautiful. I am now going to order more micas. They are lovely in M&P but, I like the looks in CP soaps. Thank you Brambleberry for another find product!

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Lovely Green

This is a really beautiful green that looks beautiful in cold process soap. The color is very rich. I'd highly recommend.

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Lip Safe?

Hi I can't wait to receive my new colors! I was just wondering which of the 16 new colors are lip safe? Or are all of them safe? Thanks