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I had no issues what so ever using this scent and the scent (especially the cinnamon) really sticks well. Even after the full cure time and well into the use of the bar, it still smells great.

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Clean Machine
Excellent: Fruity and Fresh

This is one of my all time favorites. It's a very clean, crisp apple scent, that makes you believe you have just feasted on a fresh plate of apples straight from the tree. A+

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Best of them all

This is the best scent I've ever purchased. The scent sticks so well in my CP soaps that my customers won't soap with it. They like to have it in their bathroom because of the fragrance. It hasn't faded a bit. Never had anything like it. Way to go, Brambleberry!!!!

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Love this scent

I used this scent in candles and CP soap, and it is just wonderful and my customers love it. Highly recommend.

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Applejack Peel Fragrance Oil

I love this scent and use it in everything! I love it in CP and Goat Milk Body Lotion. The scent lasts and doesn't fade. It is most pleasurable. A staple to have among my many different scents!