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I honestly have no idea what figs are supposed to smell like. The closest I think I've ever gotten is a fig newton. So I could not tell you whether the Autumn Fig Harvest is accurately fig-like. I can, however, tell you that it's amazing. It's a wonderfully rich, spicy and dry smell with fruity notes and it behaved SO well for me in a four-color funnel pour. I combined 113g. of fragrance with 2200g. of oils in CP soap and I think the concentration is perfect. I couldn't be happier, and I will DEFINITELY be purchasing more for fall craft festivals.

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Great for Candles too!

I love fig scented candles, but had been unsuccessful finding one I liked when I decided to make my own. I started with the 2 oz bottle on my first order, and had to order 3 more times increasing in size, all since November. That's how well these sell! It's my top seller for sure, and I hope they restock soon. I had planned on it as a seasonal fragrance, but have had more requests than I can count to keep it.

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This sold out so fast at my booth in September. It is definitely a fall inspired scent. It is strong and lasting.

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I included this in my honey & oatmeal soap and it has become a best seller! It has almost an apple pie smell, doesn't discolor at all. Love it!

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I do not like the smell of this fragrance OOB. It smelled weird and a bit chemically in the bottle. When I added it to my brine soap, it smelled strongly of Christmas trees to me with an undistinguishable fruity scent as well. I love the smell of Christmas trees, so I am not unhappy with the fragrance at all. Most everybody I had smell my soap said they smelled something fruity, but could not tell what kind of fruit scent. A lot of people, I included, really like this scent. I will definitely get another bottle of this fragrance.