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Fresh, Green & Clean

Love the freshness of this new fragrance oil. I added some avocado puree along with avocado oil, and BB avocado butter to my normal recipe. The fragrance is still strong after the cure. No color change and soaped like a dream. Used Aloe as liquid with my lye and put gold mica on top .... so pretty and royal looking. Love it!

Clean & Beautiful

I was a bit confused when I put this FO in my cart, but I wasn't disappointed. Smells wonderful from the bottle. I am currently freezing coconut milk and avocado that I pureed to be used in the lye solution (in lieu of water). I'll keep in mind the ash at lower temps and will keep a flat top so it can be easily planed off. Excited to see the outcome!


I didn't know what to expect with this scent. What the heck does avocado smell like? Lol.. Well it smells like fresh greens, clean , crisp, sweet. Would blend well with most scents. Will be ordering more! It behaved very well, almost too well. I was making a layered soap and was counting on it helping my layers to set up quickl, but nope. I could have done a spin swirl with it.