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I received this fragrance oil in March of this year. I made cpop with it in April. I was very disappointed in it. The fragrance was just not there. OK. Fast forward 6 weeks, it was bloomed. Smelled good. Here we are near the end of 6 months and I pulled out the last bar for my husband to take to the gym. It smells like I just walked into a nursery! Really, it is very deep baby powder and totally wonderful. As a matter of fact, I am ordering a larger size. Thank you Brambleberry for the products and wonderful customer service. In addition, I colored the baby soap a medium green and it did not turn brown. It did get a little darker, but not enough to sway me against using it again.

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Smells like baby powder!

Used on it's own or in a mixture of other fragrances, this fragrance oil does a fine job. I use it in melt and pour and I really enjoy mixing it with English Rose fragrance oil. I cannot stress how beautiful and nostalgic that combination is. It is perfect of baby shower party favors.

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Smells like Johnson's!

So it's a tiny hair different, but only a practiced nose will smell the difference, and even then it's a challenge to discern between Johnson's and this fragrance oil. It didn't discolor my soap by much at all, to the point where it wasn't an issue. The wonderful thing about this is that my mom had been looking for a Johnson's baby powder scented soap or body gel since forever, and they just never released one. Finally I can make her smile! Lovin' this stuff.

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Pink v. Blue

I love the fragrance of this baby powder oil. I've been making baby shower favors with M&P on several occasions and never had a problem with any color change. (Consequently they were all for girls and colored pink). It wasn't until I started making favors for my unborn grandson's favors (using blue Mica) that I noticed it began to turn brownish around the edges. UGH! Thinking it may be a reaction to the Mica, I colored a batch with a gel colorant and after a few days, it is also turning brown. Will a vanilla stabilizer help this??? If so, can I rebatch the ones that are already brownish and add the stabilizer?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tiffany! I'm so glad you love our Baby Powder Fragrance Oil! Though this scent discolors to a deep brown. Our Vanilla Color Stabilizer will definitely keep you melt and pour soap from discoloring when used in equal parts to the fragrance. You can definitely remelt your M&P though soap that has already discolored will not be able to change back. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

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Smells just like baby powder!

I have not used it yet, but the fragrance was so wonderful I had to give it a review based on that! So excited to try this!