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Accelerates a bit but lovely!

I planned on making an in-the-pot swirl, but this fragrance does accelerate slightly. It still worked out lovely, spoon plopping it instead. It smells divine!

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baby rose

I love it a baby rose💕💕💕💕💕🌷👍🏼

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Very light fresh

I prefer the English Rose, but some like a lighter scent. This is the perfect balance of feminine, floral and fresh. Definitely not overpowering. It worked well with cp soap, just a mild speed of trace, but nothing the prevented detailed swirls. It did seem to get hotter than this recipe gels at, but not too much, a small 1/2" crack was all. In the future I just won't use heat in the warmer months. Thanks for this BB, hope it sticks around.

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Soft and Feminine

I really love this fragrance. I'm a huge fan of anything rose scented, so I'm really pleased with how this FO smells. It did cause some serious acceleration and very mild ricing in CP soap, but I planned for that ahead of time and it worked fine for this recipe. I'd love to try using this in a bath bomb or perhaps some hand or skin cream.

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Lori alfano
Baby Rose

This scent is wonderful. I soaped room temp and there was a slight acceleration but very workable..true rose scent love it!