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Something is different

I purchased baby's breath after i got the free sample. I liked it so much i purchased it again. With my new purchase i dont smell anything. I have a launch party coming up and this was highly requested but now I can't even offer this scent because I basically have to pour the whole 8 oz bottle in just to smell a hint of anything. Ive waisted so much product trying to smell the scent.

Favorite Bramble Berry scent!

I think this is my favorite scent from Bramble Berry. I used it in a batch of CP soap and it behaves perfectly, and smells amazing. Every time I walk by my soaps I just have to get a whiff! I was sad to see when the modern floral collection sold out, but I'm so happy they brought back the Baby's Breath. It's absolutely divine.

Thanks for the sample

I just made a batch of cp soap using the sample. Nice fragrance, no problems, I soap at 100 degrees and everything looks great, I will let you know how my sales are this summer, I like the fragrance, thanks again!

one of my new favs

I got this FO as a sample. I will def be buying it. It’s light, but fragrant if that makes any sense. It does not accelerate, in fact I feel like it slows down trace even with the addition of titanium dioxide. Can’t wait to cut my soap!

Maria - Kokolele
I love it !!

This FO is spectacular !!!...Love it!!!