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Bamboo Powder

Nice additive to my soaps.

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Best for sensitive skin

Pros: Best for mild exfoliant, won’t irritate your skin. Cons: It’s pricey for a small amount, you need to use a lot in cp soap

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If you're looking to lightly exfoliate, this is it

If you have sensitive skin, and don't like harsher exfoliating additives, this is perfect for you. I use it in a creamy facial wash, that leaves my skin feeling smooth but not irritated. If you have ever used mircoderm abrasion products, it definitely feels like that. It's a very fine consistency and a little goes a long way.

Nice and light a little goes a long way

I used it in my cold process summer gardener soap, putting it at a medium trace. Also in a facial scrub which both turned out wonder. Thanks for stocking the product.

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Merryn @ Body by M
Very nice for a light exfoliant

I used this in M&P soap with bamboo FO and it was a hit! People loved the light exfoliating, not to harsh on gentle skin. Easy to use, but I recommend mixing with a few drops of alcohol to make it easier to mix into M&P soap so that you don't get clumps.