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Amazingly Fresh!

Love love love this. At first I wasn't sure what to think, but now it's the only scent I will use in my facial bars, because I love the smell that close to my face! Addicting scent, very unique crisp and spa-like.

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Voted as Favourite

I made cold process soap for family and friends this year for Christmas and out of all those I made, the Bamboo Mint was voted to be the most popular scent out of all of them!! So clean and fresh, this one is definitely a Keeper!! Did not cause any problems whatsoever and makes a great unisex scent. Both young or older crowd LOVE it!!

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Love it!

Really wonderful scent. Will buy again.

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Great Unisex FO

I received this as a free sample and thought it smelled pretty good. I decided to just try a simple, one color, one scent loaf with it. The bar turned out beautiful and the smell is very clean. This turned into one of my biggest sellers for the summer!

I was the only one.

Getting new fragrance oils in this house, is like Christmas for me. I can't wait to open them and smell them. I then make everyone in the house smell them even when they don't want to :) Sadly I was the only one who like this fragrance in the bottle. I got the meh, it's okay face from the family, Discouraged, I put it aside. I was working on a gardener's soap with coffee grounds. After smelling dozens of fragrances, I settled on the Bamboo Mint. Well, let me tell ya after it was cut and cured EVERYONE loved it. When I told them what the fragrance was they were shocked. It really is lovely in a CP soap. I made a batch 12 bars, a lady bought every single one! I'm so glad I didn't give up on this fragrance. It's now a top seller for me.