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I tired twice.

I like the scent, so it gets 2 stars. The first batch of soap I made with this developed DOS, or what looked like it. I threw it all out. So, a month or so later I tried this scent again. I made a huge batch of soap and divided into two parts. One part I scented with this fragrance and the second I added Anise Star EO. The Anise Star EO made some amazing soap. The batch scented with Basmati, after a full cure, developed pockets of brown fragrance that turned sticky and the top was covered in orange oil. My oils were fine, as the Anise Star turned out lovely and is an amazing bar of soap. I am unsure if the bottle of basmati was rancid but after 2 batches that failed, I am not spending more money for this oil.

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Not what I wanted, but love it just the same

I am guilty of not having read the full fragrance description before purchasing this FO. I was expecting a fairly true basmati rice smell, and was absolutely torn when I smelled this- is it basmati rice? Absolutely not. Can I use it in the intended fragrance blends? Absolutely not. Am I going to buy tons and tons and tons of it so that all my clothes and lotions and soap and hair tonics smell like it? ABSOLUTELY!!!! This reminded me a lot of a gooey toasted marshmallow. It's sweet, slightly toasted, and incredibly soft, with just the slightest note of florals... I smelled rose, but I'm sure different people will smell different things. I've never been so happy to have an FO not smell the way I expected!

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*Amazing!!! This scent is a favorite!*

I was curious to try this scent out after having a request to make a basmati-scented soap, so I requested a sample. OOB, it smelled like a cherry slushy to me! I was excited! After making the soap (no issues whatsoever), the scent changed to a powdery cherry with notes of vanilla & cinnamon. I absolutely love it! Everyone who's smelled it says it's their favorite. I will definitely be adding this to my regular soaps inventory.

Stinks in CP

Smelled great in the bottle. a nice vanilla neutral scent. It soaped perfectly, no issues. Once my soap cured the scent was awful. smelled like a blend of burnt sugar and baby powder. (gag) I usually like fruity and clean scents and was looking for something different. this one's not for me. One lady really loved it and bough every bar I had in the scent. thank god because I didnt even like touching the soap it smelled so bad.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Tanya! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite. If you're looking for fruity clean scents, you may like Apricot Freesia Fragrance Oil, Blackberry Sage Fragrance Oil or Pineapple Cilantro Fragrance Oil.

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I love the smell of rice type fragrances. It conjures vision of my childhood, growing up with an Asian mom we ate tons of rice. However, this fragrance I want to love but I like it as of now. I am hoping with the cure process it will become more "rice like" and I will love it. OOB I did not like it at all, but as it curing its becoming more vanilla like and smelling more like rice. I made a yogurt soap using a PVC mold, alternating soap batter colors to make a bulls eye swirl. It gave me TONS of time and soaped beautifully. I can say that most will like this fragrance and probably love, but because the smell of rice holds deep meaning and conjures memories of scent, I can't say it totally smells like rice.