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Love these bombs!!

I made these for the first time this past week. I was a bit reluctant after reading the reviews however I must say that having a little baking experience helped me. I also had a flat frosting but i added an oz of meringue powder at a time until i reached the consistency i was happy with. This Bomb was a huge hit and the bubble frosting made this so much fun! Thank you Bramble Berry

Verified Purchase
Love it!

I bought this kit along with the refill kit. My frosting also was a bit flat the first attempt. The second attempt was perfect. The cream of tarter is a must, as well as not being afraid to mix it with the mixer, as I clearly did not mix it long enough the first time to get those wonderful peaks.

cupcake bath bombs

i thought it worked very well. we added a little to much water but luckily we ordered extra meringue powder other wise i suggest adding less water or ordering more meringue powder.