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Not great

Was excited to get these in since I have been using plastic easter eggs as a bath bomb mold until now. However, these do not work very weel, the indention to connect the is inside the mold making it impossible to get them 2 sides to connect easily. I actually got so frustrated I turned my mix into bath truffles so I could avoid using these molds.

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Not great

All around these were just a pain, had to fight getting them together and fight getting them apart. I always ended up with a half, hardly one would come out in an actual ball. I'll try the metal molds next and I know it's not bambleberry's fault. I won't order them from any company again.

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they work great

I seriously don't know why the bad reviews... they work great, no dents and no problem unmolding if you pack them right. They are not flimsy, the plastic is quite thick. The reason why you might have problems with these is that you don't pack them with enough mixture

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excellent idea. improvements needed for prefect product
bath bombs

This bath bomb shell I have had my eye on forever. I finally got the courage to try it. As o was afraid of... Defeated by plastic! The recipe I tweaked to make my own but the problem did not arise until I took the bomb out to harden... IT GREW! Now I can't put it back in the mold for packaging. Did I miss something, was something unwritten because common sense should have picked it up? Hmmmm

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I just got these and had the chance to use them yesterday. I made 2 dozen and have had nothing but trouble with them. Reading the reviews before ordering I was expecting thin plastic, however I didn't know there were other issues too. When trying to press out the bomb I bent the dome on a few molds. When tapping on the mold to get the bomb out, the round sides broke and I had to throw 5 molds away because they broke, in order to get the bomb out of the female half I had to take a knife to the bomb to break up the mid part in order to break the seal from the mold. I would not recommend these molds at all. I am now looking into buying the stainless bomb molds instead.