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Horrible mold, great for packaging

Really disappointed that I wasn't able to use these to help mold bath bombs! Even if I was able to miraculously ensure that there wasn't anything in the seams, I wasn't able to open them up afterwards! Although they're very nice to have as a package to label and go.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
They do take a little more strength than you'd expect to open them. It helps to grab onto the tabs and give them a good pull in opposite directions (almost a twisting motion).

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Tricky, but good

I had trouble with these packages when trying to use them as molds as well as packaging... my mix would get stuck in the rim and I kept denting and breaking my bath bombs. I didn't have a mold that fix the exact size of these packages, butttttt... I've had perfect results when using two male sides of two different packages and molding with them. You don't get any lip or rip on the bath bombs and they fit right into the packages! I let them sit and dry a bit before packaging them. Side note: If you use any type of water in your recipe they will not fit back in the packages.

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Bath Bomb Molds

I absolutely LOVE these bath bomb molds! Itie a ribbon around them hole & attach a label & sell these. I can't keep them in stoc,. I love them. They are great for mailing in, too. Can't wait until they are back in stock!

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Learning Curve

It took a few tries but these do end up working really well. Keeping the material out of the groove so the pieces fit together is key. I'm going to try greasing them next time so they come apart easier. Question: are these recyclable?

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grease the mold and you will be fine

I have to practice with these. I saw in the comments by brambleberry that you need to be careful not to get the mixture into the groove around the bomb. This is true but easier said than done. I would also like to try putting some oil in the mold before the mixture. This may help unmolding, which I found to be difficult.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Rubbing a slight amount of a lightweight oil first on the mold will help with unmolding. We have found that the Cyclomethicone or mineral oil works really well for that. Find some more bath bomb tips in our Bath Bomb Questions & Answers blog post.