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A real pain in the you know what

Although these make the perfect large sized bomb, they are so flexible that you leave indents on your bomb now matter how hard you try not to. It's impossible to press at the seams at first when using because you're trying to bring all your ingredients together in the center. They are reusable many times and that's a definite plus but out of 40 bombs, and I've made hundreds, I got 2 that came out with very minor dents in them. The rest were sold in an "ugly bath bomb" bucket a reduced price. Not worth the price.

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sweet package!

This is a nice mold package, but there is a learning curve to it. If you over-fill the cavity you will have issues. Also, pressing anywhere but the seem will likely cause you to bend the plastic, crack it, or put fingerprints in your bomb. These are really best suited for a one step mold and leave in package, not reusable molds. I did, however, easily unmold several (after a few hours cure time) in order to clean the plastic, as my overfilling and readjusting made a messy presentation. Once washed and dried the replacing and finishing with a bow was easy, the bombs all pretty and neat, and the lessons learned! They take less material than you think, so practice with one until you get it down, then put them up for sale and I think you will love them! I would like to see another quantity price break though. 10 is too few while a case is too many, how about 100 or 200 for less than .50 ea?

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Not great

Was excited to get these in since I have been using plastic easter eggs as a bath bomb mold until now. However, these do not work very weel, the indention to connect the is inside the mold making it impossible to get them 2 sides to connect easily. I actually got so frustrated I turned my mix into bath truffles so I could avoid using these molds.

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Not great

All around these were just a pain, had to fight getting them together and fight getting them apart. I always ended up with a half, hardly one would come out in an actual ball. I'll try the metal molds next and I know it's not bambleberry's fault. I won't order them from any company again.

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they work great

I seriously don't know why the bad reviews... they work great, no dents and no problem unmolding if you pack them right. They are not flimsy, the plastic is quite thick. The reason why you might have problems with these is that you don't pack them with enough mixture