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I got theses in the pearl bath bomb kit. They didn’t want to open at all, and my finger got cut by the plastic.

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I can't unmold the bath bombs without destroying the bath bomb. It's so frustrating. I can't get the mold off it sticks to the bath bomb.

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
We find that coating your molds with a bit of Cyclomethicone helps keep the bath bomb mixture from sticking which allows for a much cleaner unmolding.

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Popping open

My molds are popping open? I packed pretty firm and try to piece back closed, any suggestions?

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
You definitely want to make sure the ridges on the sides of each mold are clear. If any of the mixture gets in them it can cause them to not stay shut.

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These are perfect for molding and packaging. I suggest molding them with two of the Male pieces. Then letting them dry before closing them with the female pieces. That way you can make sure none of the mix gets in between them and they won't break when you open them. I have been using these molds for 4 years now.

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Impossible to open

I am very disappointed in these molds for bath bombs. Firstly they did not come with any directions, and secondly they are impossible to open without destroying the contents. That is - if one is able to get it to close in the first place.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Some of the Plastic Bath Bomb Molds can be more difficult to open. If any of the bath bomb mixture made its way into the seams, this can make the molds even more difficult to open. It can help to clear off any powder before closing the molds, as seen in the Tie-Dye Bath Bomb Molds Tutorial. You may prefer our Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Molds.