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Jamie, Ewe So Dirty Products
Smells Burnt

Super not happy with this oil. It smells burnt. I use Bay a lot in my Aleppo soap, just to enhance the fragrance because Aleppo can be a bit harsh...this is NOT a good scent. I am baffled and super bummed. I bought 4 bottles because you are closing it I may understand why!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Our Bay Laurel Essential Oil is 100% pure and uncut with anything so it shouldn't smell burnt though it definitely is a distinctive smell. You may prefer it blended with something like the Orange 10X Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil or Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil to help bring its floral notes.

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Wonderful Scent need more info

Love the Scent! Does anyone know the usage amount for this Bay Laurel? I used fragrance calculator on this website but you can't make blends. I tried use eocalc and they only have Bay (not to be confused with Bay Laurel). I am not able to find a calculator with Bay Laurel and want to be sure I am with regulations. Would love more info on this from Bramble or even posted on the website.

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Excellent - High seller soap

I use this oil for my (Ghar) soap and it fly from the shelves immediately! my customers loved it. but i want to know if this oil is pure (undiluted) or it's okay to use in my creams?