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Mold Issue

I've never left a review and absolutely love this product, however, I have had the beard oil in its original container (with no additives in it) for about two months. The container is half full and I went to grab it yesterday to make a few oils for Christmas and it has huge clumps of mold floating in it. Should I have been adding some sort of preservative even though it's only been a couple of months. I've never had this issue before?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Beard Oil Base is a mix of oils. Without water, it is highly unlikely that it will grow mold or bacteria, unless something else has been added to it. I'm wondering if what you are seeing is the different oils or the jojoba solidifying because of cooler temperatures? If you are adding anything that has a water content to the base we would recommend preserving it. For more information on this check out our Talk It Out Tuesday: Preservatives blog post.

Customer service has contacted you directly to find out more.

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Love product

I have made different scents of beard balm and bottled different scents for just beard oil. I want to make a hot process soap and was wanting to find out what the percentages are in a bottle of the beard oil base>

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works well

add sent and maybe nettel extract and you have a great oil for beards and hair.

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Sham's Clip Joint

I use the product on my customers and they love it. I add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil and Himalayan Cedarwood essential oil. I use on my beard after I shower. Great product!!

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Strange Smell

We've ordered this product several times in the past and loved it. However, our recent batch is quite...strange. While the consistency and application is wonderful, it has the most bizarre smell. I'm not quite sure how to describe it. It's almost meaty, but with a mix of nuts and plastic. It's definitely not pleasant when combined with our fragrance! We're having a hard time masking the underlying scent. It sticks around as a soft, unappealing note underneath the fragrance oil. Hopefully this is just a couple bad batches we've gotten? But I start to get concerned when it affects four different bottles, ordered at different times!