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One of my favorite masculine scents!

This is one of my favorite masculine scents. I have used it in CP goat milk soaps and soy wax fragrance melts. Please keep this fragrance!

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great seller

This is not a scent that I personally like. However I sold out of it quickly and have been asked to restock it. Has a that light citrus scent, with a more masculine scent. But I have had men and women comment on how good it smells. Behaved great in CP.

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Bobbie Dusek
Truly unique scent

I was not so sure about this scent when I got the bottle. I used it in a batch of CP soap and as it’s abt 3 weeks into curing it has a unique almost spicy scent. The descriptions of 18th century gentleman’s club really nails it. Although it has a primarily masculine feel to it many woman love it too, says makes them think of old world elegance.

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Love this one.

love this scent. A great seller for me. I have one customer who has come back many times for this bar. Says it's her favorite of all time.

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Swing and a miss

Keeping in mind that fragrance is subjective, I purchased this FO because of the multiple 5 star reviews. Smelling straight from the bottle, this scent is immediately off-putting. If BB did refunds on FOs , this one would be in the mail yesterday. Perhaps CP would change the scent some, but to be honest, I can't see wasting the oils to even try it. This one is going straight in the trash. I really hate to waste it, but I cannot imagine ever using it. This was a truly disappointing FO.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Gilbert! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. We love the Beau Brummel Cybilla Fragrance Oil though it does have some fruity notes blended with spice which can be a bit polarizing. If you're looking for other men's scents you may prefer Tobacco & Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil, Bramble Berry's Made to Measure Type Fragrance Oil, or Drakkar Type Fragrance Oil.