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Excellent Dude scent... Nope I want it for me!

I purchased this for the MALE geared products but I think this is totally versitile! It is not what I expected. It has these deep sensual but light and fresh notes.. It is so hard to explain... but I was not dissapointed more like pleasently surprised. I used in CP. Months later it still smells amazing.

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Go for it!!

This fragrance is intriguing!! It smells good in the bottle but even better and more well rounded once it is in your CP soap curing!! I liked it but wondered how it would do at the market and it was one of the first scents I sold out of. Definitely has become a staple for me.

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Wonderful fragrance

I just got this today -- can't wait to soap with it -- it smells amazing.

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Not Manly Man

I bought this because I'm always looking for more manly and/or unisex scents. I originally used this with a burgundy oxide, thinking of going for a red velvet in the library kind of vibe. Under colored it and ended up with mauve, so couldn't give it a manly name. Ended up calling it "good book and a cup of tea" because of the tea and spice notes in it. Turned out to be a great seller in the fall. I would not describe this as manly at all, and I swear I get a bit of apple cider mixed in there, but it is a great fall scent, and I'l be bringing it back this year.

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Blooms in CP soap

At first sniff, I was so intrigued by this fragrance. There's honey, tea, tobacco, and (a tiny bit of) leather notes wrapped in a whole lot of sweetness with just a touch of spice. It truly blooms in CP soap and becomes even better than out of the bottle! I used twice the amount on the fragrance calculator and was perfectly pleased with the strength and longevity of the scent. This is not a manly-man type of fragrance - you will not think of lumberjacks, construction workers, or bonfire-builders when you smell this fragrance. Very much like the original Beau Brummell, this fragrance will remind you of a dandy British gentleman who is very into fashion, particular about when he takes his tea - someone who has never truly had a hard day's work in his life. I think the fragrance could be considered unisex or even spa-like with the heavy honey and tea notes. It's rich, sweet, and clean and I can't get enough of it!