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Angela Price
Great clay

This makes skin very soft used in soap , bath soak and bath bombs..was wondering if this could be ingested as detoxification as well.? Is a wonderful product..!

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I have a question.

Is this clay okay to ingest? I bought some for other products, but I know this clay is also used for ingestion for healing properties. Is this particular kind safe for this?

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Sensitive Skin

My husband deployed to Iraq and returned with a skin condition that forced him to use only natural soaps. I have tried many over the counter ones with fair results. I now make my own natural soaps for him and this clay has worked out the best when used with the oatmeal and lots of lather oils.

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is this a new bentonite clay?

I remember the other description was from Wyoming...

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Silky Smooth

I was a little hesitant to spend nearly $5/lb on this clay when I already had several pounds of stock from a certain other "bulk" supplier at less than half the price. While the other product is somewhat gritty, I can't feel any texture other than slickness when this is dispersed in water. Excellent quality.