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New favorite!! I've done two small CP batches with this oil and OMG is it great. Even the Mr. loves it. No acceleration, no ricing, nothing. Just a beautifully scented bar with unisex appeal. I can't wait for this to be back in stock... bravo, BB...bravo!

Another winner!

Thanks for the free sample. Because of this, I absolutely WILL be buying with my next order. I always test the free scents in 100% coconut oil soap. It did seem to SLIGHTLY discolor to pale yellow, but this can be overcome with colorants and the scent is out of this world and it sticks SO WELL with cold process soap. I can't want to purchase some and make a full batch of soap with it. BUY IT!

Verified Purchase
My Favorite Scent from Brambleberry

Fantastic, clean and upscale masculine scent. Black tea is the dominant note, but doesn’t overwhelm bergamot, lime and other notes. The blend is perfect, and my favorite of all Brambleberry fragrance oils.

Love this!

I received this fragrance oil as a free gift with purchase and LOVE IT! It smells like a lovely blend of spicy and sweet that can be used for a men's or women's soap. It's been a HUGE hit among my co-workers. I will definitely include this fragrance in my next order.

I use the scents out of the bottle

I use the scents out of the bottle, as I scent face scrub and liquid hand soap, rather than soaping bars. This scent is amaaaazing. I love the smell of Earl Grey Tea, the Bergamot sings to me, so I was expecting something like that. This isn't that, but the appeal is just as great. I don't want to drink it, but I can't stop smelling it. There are so many levels and they blend beautifully into some olfactory symphony that makes me dream of the best dressed Englishmen and their riding gear or leather folios. Or maybe the cleanest hunting club to ever serve non-smoking men and women. Or maybe an immaculate manor library where the best groomed men and women mingle among the books. It's wonderful out of bottle, wet, drying, or dried down. Complex, deep, dense, but not smothering. Sweet, soft. There are some lighter sharper notes wet, but they quickly "move" to the background lifting/expanding the denser notes which prevail as it dries. Maybe this scent is more for one gender than another, but I would sniff almost anyone wearing it. I note that it washes off skin easily and quickly, stays in facial tissue permantly, and probably stays in cloth until laundered. It is lovely. It is so complex and with real layers that the nose does not tire of it, one wants to keep exploring it forever. This scent will definitely blend out others if you are looking to reel in or fill out lighter scents. If you plan to blend with it, I suggest going drop by drop, or you might lose the second scent altogether. I can't imagine being disappointed with this scent for any reason with regard to the scent itself. If it smells anything in bars after 6 weeks curing as it does out of bottle, then this has got to be a top ten for bar soaping. If you are hesitant of musk, but curious, this is the one to try, great choice.