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I love having this to mix up my citrus scent collection. Works wonderful in tropical themed bath bombs!

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Smells wonderful

This is the best smelling Bergamot I have ever smelled! I do a lot of business with Brambleberry, and they always know how to please their customers! Thanks, Brambleberry for speedy, quality, affordable ingredients for my lil ole Soap Shop!

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seems to blend well with everything

Really nice scent that seems to blend well with everything! Behaves well in CP soaps and lasts wells.


I bought a bergamot candle many years ago and it about drove me out of my house with the stench. I swore off Bergamot, thinking I didn't like it. But then I decided to give this a chance and I am glad I did. It smells NOTHING like that awful candle. This smells light, fresh and juicy without being tart. I love it mixed with some grapefruit. I just made some castle cubes using this mixture. It smells like heaven.

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My go-to oil for light citrusy scents

This EO works great in my CP soaps. Because, as a painter, I like to 'mix' my oils to get an aromatic masterpiece ;), I usually combine this with other FOs and EOs where I want a top note of citrus. I'll add to 10xorange--it helps take the heaviness out of the orange and add other citrus notes, Tea Tree--dilutes any light medicinal scent, and Lavender, Gardenia and Jasmine--where it takes the flowery to a lighter, transparent level without interfering with the soft scents. Just love it!