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Quantity over Quality

This was my first time ordering from Bramble Berry and unfortunately it will be the last. I ordered about $70 worth of product and was super excited for it to arrive. I finally got my order I was so excited to open this sampler of the “best” scents. There is about a solid three scents that don’t smell completely like chemicals. The size was fair for the sample scents but for the other items the samples were way over priced for what you actually get. Really great concept especially in combination with the Soap Queen recipes, but I just am to disappointed to risk ordering another time.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm sorry you weren't happy with the scents in this sampler, they are our best selling fragrance oils. Though they do mellow out quite a bit once diluted in product and can be a bit overwhelming and smell of chemicals more strongly right out of the bottle. If you're looking for non-synthetic smells you would probably prefer our Essential Oils.

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nice variety

My review is more of a question. Can these be used to make an entire loaf of soap? 10" mold. Thanks

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sweet smelling

I’m new to making CP soap and have been using EO for fragrance, but liked the idea of the complexity of fragrance oils. As a whole, these fragrances were sweet smelling. The CPS made with oatmeal, milk and honey and Vanilla Select maintained their aromas. (the only 2 I’ve used with CPS.) I’ve used a few drops of Lemon Verbena and English rose in MPS for small molds, fragrance seemed more enhanced. I probably won’t buy any of these fragrances in larger quantities. I would suggest to BrambleBerry to make up a consumer “U-Pick” sampler, were the buyer could choose 6-12 fragrances of their choice. I would be willing to pay a few dollars more for that type of sampler.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Renee! I'm sorry the fragrances in this sampler smelled too sweet for you though I'm glad they worked well! The fragrance oils in this sampler kit are our bestsellers though that doesn't mean they're for everyone. We'll definitely pass along your suggestion about the you pick samplers! In the meantime we also have a great Sniffy Sample Program so you can try scents before buying.

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Great Sampler

I definitely recommend this sampler. The majority of them I really loved and will purchase larger quantities. I did not care for energy - smelled like an orange tic-tac and the rose is a bit too overpowering/grandmotherish. The only one I haven't used yet is the lilac. It smells wonderful, but it is almost along the same lines as the rose. I may use it for potpourri. I did a combination of MP & CP with this sampler. I did a batch of CP mixing the white tea & ginger, lemon verbena, ginger EO, and ylang ylang II eo. It is probably one of my favorite combinations ever. My top 3 picks out of this sampler are tobacco & bayleaf, shave & haircut, and oatmeal, milk & honey.

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Samples are the way to go

Most of these scents are excellent and woryh buying a big bottle of. I won't be buying "Energy" - smells like fruit punch. Not sure about Cranberry Fig or Lemon Verb. either but the others are great! the lavender is WAY better than the 40/42 Ess. oil version IMO. Favorites are Tobacco/Bay leaf, vanilla, Shave & haircut,Oatmeal, Lavender. I will be buying a bottle of each!