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Fragrances for Everyone!

I was so excited to get the Best of BB Fragrance Sampler. I like most of them, but love some of them. Tobacco & Bay Leaf and Shave & Haircut were two of my favorites!!! Also really like Cranberry & Fig. White Tea and Ginger was nice also. Not crazy about the Rose, but to be fair, it smells just like Rose! I plan on mixing it with something else for my liking. This is truly a great sampler. The bottles were packed VERY well. I was happy, happy! This was my first purchase from Brambleberry. I also ordered a few more fragrances and powders. I will definitely be back because of service, price, and quality!!!!!!!

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Great intro working with scents

Great selection. Good sized portions and variety. A wonderful way to try several scents for a budget price. The selections lent itself to some blends of my own as well.

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Great Selection

I ordered 2 sampler sets (Best of BB and Floral) and I am beyond happy with the variety of scents!! I'm new to bath bomb making so I wasn't sure which scents I would like or want to use. I found the sampler section and I can't recommend it more. It's a great way for me to experiment with new scents without spending tons of money. I was buying essential oils off of amazon before (I was having a lot of trouble finding fragrance oils), and for the same price you get more then 2x the amount of these fragrance oils. There are a couple of scents here I don't imagine myself using as much, but I'm sure I'll find a reason to use them (for friends/family/holidays). My favorites by far are Cybilla Yuzu and Energy. I had no idea what to expect with these two (judging by the names) and when I opened the sampler I was suprised! I can't wait for this weekend when I get to try all of them out. I'm sure once I run out of these samples I'll be coming back to buy a full size of my favorites!

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generous sample sizes

I am thrilled with all 3 samplers I purchased. The packaging was phenomenal, the sample sizes are quite generous, and the scents are all wonderful in their own way. If you are new to soaping I highly recommend indulging in the samplers here, as they don't break the bank, yet provide plenty of product to play around with.

it is the best!

I cannot complain about any of these either OOB or cured. I havent tried a bit of them yet but i do sure cant stand people who complain! Its one reason i review to be honest, because people are spoiled and in a hurry. Its every own persons responsibility to educate themselves about every single product before using it all willy nilly so if anyone soaps discolors its their own fault! I actually love the brown colors vanilla makes...and if im loving my colors so much you better believe im going to make sure nothing messes with that! Practice makes perfect! Anyways, Plumeria is AMAZING! White tea and ginger and of course the oatmeal and honey makes me just want to curl up and read a book.. I have been missing out not using any of these scents. Although I am an EO person all the way i LOVE using a TINY bit of these fragrances mixed in and it just makes my soaps TRULY unique! 10 stars