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great way to sample several

This is a great way for people who are starting out or who aren't sure if they'll like several FOs to try them out. Since I'm just starting I opted to get this sampler. This way if I didn't like the smells, I wasn't spending a ton of money of things I hated. Glad to say that I loved them all. My favorites were the shave and a haircut, tobacco and bay leaf, sandlewood and lilac. Now I can order larger sizes and be confident that I'll enjoy the scent.

Monica Brown
When will they be back in stock?

I've been looking for a sampler pack and I was wondering when these fragrances will be back in stock?

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Fragrances for Everyone!

I was so excited to get the Best of BB Fragrance Sampler. I like most of them, but love some of them. Tobacco & Bay Leaf and Shave & Haircut were two of my favorites!!! Also really like Cranberry & Fig. White Tea and Ginger was nice also. Not crazy about the Rose, but to be fair, it smells just like Rose! I plan on mixing it with something else for my liking. This is truly a great sampler. The bottles were packed VERY well. I was happy, happy! This was my first purchase from Brambleberry. I also ordered a few more fragrances and powders. I will definitely be back because of service, price, and quality!!!!!!!

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Great intro working with scents

Great selection. Good sized portions and variety. A wonderful way to try several scents for a budget price. The selections lent itself to some blends of my own as well.

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Great Selection

I ordered 2 sampler sets (Best of BB and Floral) and I am beyond happy with the variety of scents!! I'm new to bath bomb making so I wasn't sure which scents I would like or want to use. I found the sampler section and I can't recommend it more. It's a great way for me to experiment with new scents without spending tons of money. I was buying essential oils off of amazon before (I was having a lot of trouble finding fragrance oils), and for the same price you get more then 2x the amount of these fragrance oils. There are a couple of scents here I don't imagine myself using as much, but I'm sure I'll find a reason to use them (for friends/family/holidays). My favorites by far are Cybilla Yuzu and Energy. I had no idea what to expect with these two (judging by the names) and when I opened the sampler I was suprised! I can't wait for this weekend when I get to try all of them out. I'm sure once I run out of these samples I'll be coming back to buy a full size of my favorites!