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Amanda Pye

I want to take this scent to bed and snuggle with it! I love it that much! I have never even left a review before but this smell was so great I had to. Had no problems with this in CP soap

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great scent!

I just love the Birchwood scent, I hope it is going to be carried year round! My customers love it in my soap and as wax melts. I’ve had men and women who like men’s scents, just fall in love with Birchwood. It is definitely one of my top favorite men’s scents that I’ve tried of Bramble Berry’s.

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Behaves Beautifully!

Smells wonderful both out of the bottle and in CP soap. Nice woodsy scent. I soaped at 85 degrees and it behaved like a dream! Plenty of time for intricate swirls!

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This scent is wonderful and like others stated, great for men or women. Behaved well in my CP, even though I was a bit hot on my water/oils. Colors came out fine. Will be getting a bigger bottle.

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Discolored pink

I had my doubts that it wouldn't discolor when it looked like scotch whiskey otb. Sure enough it's pink. It's VERY wood smell that needs some balance with something else. I feel I somehow got the wrong product considering the great reviews.