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Deep and Woodsy

I loved the fact that this fragrance did not discolor. Worked perfectly with my ITS design. Very masculine, rich, woodsy, yet clean and crisp. Perfect man soap just love it.

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A memory, but BETTER!

This scent is intoxicating & the moment I smelled it OOB, it immediately triggered a memory! If you are familiar with a FO named "Black Salt & Cypress", you will LOVE this FO also!! It's very similar, but even BETTER (think: richer notes, deeper complexity, stronger, sexier)!! And if you're not familiar with the FO this reminded me of, you're STILL going to love this!! This scent smells regal, expensive & glowing! It's quite the dapper aroma that any man would smell like a million bucks if he smelled like THIS, but also so polished and fragrant in its notes, that ladies would adore this as well (I absolutely do!). It's deep, fragrant & woodsy, yet carries a refreshing crispness as well... Just an all-around FANTASTIC scent! In CPOP, it blossoms even more so, and behaved perfectly in my CP recipe! The scent at 1oz/PPO is wonderfully potent, rich and clean! LOVE that this AMAZING scent does not discolor either, and perfect behavior allowed for plenty of time to swirl in beautiful, accentuating colors! The scent is rich & warm, making it an excellent choice for one's fall line of products, but also carries a clean, brisk vibe as well, which makes this an aroma not limited to one season alone. It's an aroma that would be loved year-round! Kudos BB!! This FO is fantastic!

Wonderful woodsy scent!

My whole family love this scent! This is a waram masculine scent that men and women both love. It soaped beautifully at room temperature and gave me plenty of time to do a hanger swirl. I can't stop smelling it as I pass ths curing rack. :)


This scent is wonderful. It is sure to be enjoyed by men and woman alike. It has a nice woodsy scent and it behaved great in my CP soap!

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New fav!

This is my new favorite fall fragrance. It smells so so good. I will definitely be ordering this one in bulk, it is sure to be a best seller. It behaved perfectly in my cold process soap.