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A little sweet. A little sultry. A lot of WONDERFUL. I put this in a soap that is all black from activated charcoal and a whisper of black oxide, and call it Black Amber. Soooooo many people pick it up and sniff and sniff and ooooh and aaaaah over it. One of my sons only uses this fragrance now. He adores it. One of my woman customers feels the same way. Can't say the Lavender is identifiable in it. But, obviously works its magic in there somewhere. Been using this one for years.

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Good scent

I am not a fan of lavender scents. Out of everything I have smelt with lavender in it, this is the best. Easy to work with in goat milk CP soap

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Amazing scent, better with age

I absolutely love this scent. It is a little over powering in the bottle. I used it in beard oil and it was exquisite. The vanilla at forst was just an afterthought scent but as it aged, it became more prevalent and ended up being perfect. I will order more ofnthis scent.

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Great Starter Fragrance, Color Takes Time

I picked this fragrance for my very first batch of CP soap, because it was described as being easy to work with and because I did not want to worry about adding a colorant to my soap. I wanted everything to be as simple as possible. The fragrance oil behaved perfectly: no acceleration, ricing, etc. And it created a rich, lovely brown color in my soap. However, it took about two weeks for that color to appear, so if you're new to CP soap like I was, don't panic! Your soap may be a sandy color at first, but it *will* turn a nice dark brown as it cures, just like in the photo.

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Wait for it...

My first impression of this scent was - YACK this stuff smells like an old lady! But oob can be deceiving, so I always try a new fo in cp soap. After a week or two of cure time this had become my favorite scent. I love this fragrance! It's warm, deep, relaxing, and the scent lingers on my skin all day. It does turn dark brown, but I color some with activated charcoal and make a beautiful swirl.