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Deep and Amazing

In the bottle it smells more like lavender with a little somethin somethin added in. Good, really. In my goats milk cold process soap, however, it quickly took on a deeper, darker lavender scent. Complex and Amazing! If you don't typically like lavender, try this. If you do, try it too. I really wish I had bought a much bigger bottle!

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This fragrance shifts a little from bottle to soap but in an amazing way. At first it smells too sweet, too feminine. After I made a batch CP soap with it the sweetness mellowed out into this rich, earthy combination of feminine meets masculine. My husband is picky about scents and he loves this one almost as much as I do. Its just amazing. I love lavender very much and even though it doesn't punch through like it did in the bottle, this is so so so worth giving a shot. Would be amazing for a shaving soap which I might do next time.

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This is one of my biggest sellers. I can't keep it on my shelf. Just opening the bottle is a joy.

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I wanted something beyond just a basic lavender scent, and this is PERFECT! More sophisticated and deep, and my clients love it. Plus this is a killer buy at that price. Will keep restocking!

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Black Amber and Lavender

BB hit it out of the park AGAIN! I have yet to be disappointed by any BB FO, and this is no exception. First off, I am NOT a lavender fan, but I have customers that are. So, I prefer to use lavender EO but it gets costly and just doesn't have any pizazz to me. But, this FO? I am madly in love with it! This is the ONLY lavender that I have ever truly loved. I will use this in moisturizing body sprays, soaps, body butters, etc. I cannot get over how sexy, seductive, and addictive this scent is. It is simply a gorgeous FO that is mood altering, LOL! Highly recommend!