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I wanted something beyond just a basic lavender scent, and this is PERFECT! More sophisticated and deep, and my clients love it. Plus this is a killer buy at that price. Will keep restocking!

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Black Amber and Lavender

BB hit it out of the park AGAIN! I have yet to be disappointed by any BB FO, and this is no exception. First off, I am NOT a lavender fan, but I have customers that are. So, I prefer to use lavender EO but it gets costly and just doesn't have any pizazz to me. But, this FO? I am madly in love with it! This is the ONLY lavender that I have ever truly loved. I will use this in moisturizing body sprays, soaps, body butters, etc. I cannot get over how sexy, seductive, and addictive this scent is. It is simply a gorgeous FO that is mood altering, LOL! Highly recommend!

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Brandy Johnson
In love with lavender

I'd like to start off saying I'm not a fan of lavender. I got this scent at the request of a family member and after making a batch of bath bombs I kept smelling my hands all day. I really love this sensual earthy scent. Yes lavender is a primary note, but the other scents it's paired with is pure genius. I'm a lavender convert!

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This along with Bramble Berry sandalwood vanilla are my two favorite scents! This black amber and lavender is heavenly! I wasn't a big fan at first, straight out the bottle, but it quickly became a favorite of mine once I did several different things with it. The scent lasts forever! I love putting a few drops on a small towel thrown in the dryer with a load of clothes!! Yummyyy!! Laundry smells amazing! Also after shower I add a couple drops to the palm of my hand with about a half ml of argan oil and I rub it through my hair and all over my body! Smells amazing all day. Possibilities are endless:) Thank you Bramble Berry for being so awesome♡

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Very impressed

I'm not a fan of lavender scents but most of my customers are. I wanted a lavender fragrance that was different from all others and this is it. I love the warmness of this fragrance. It's earthy and sensuous without smelling like a heavy perfume. It works very well in cold process, no acceleration and lightens without issue with TD. I've also used lave d