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I absolutely love this scent, it is a strong scent so a little goes a long way, the lavender is very prominent yet I still love it!! Colors an absolutely beautiful chocolate brown. I used it with a infusion of alkenet and it turned brown with a lovely purple center to the bars Perfect!

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After reading the description of this fragrance I knew it was one that I definitely wanted to try. I am one who is drawn to scents like amber, lavender, sandalwood, vanilla, incense, etc. Once I opened the bottle and took my first breath, I couldn't get enough. (I will probably wear out the threads on the bottle cap from opening it up so often just to smell it one more time! ) I used it in CP soap and it was wonderful to work with, no acceleration whatsoever. As stated, it does discolor to brown, but I think that is just the perfect color match for this sexy, seductive scent anyway. This is definitely staying on my list for re-purchase.

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Debra Bergeron
Black Amber Lavender fragrance oil

Update: I still love this scent! It behaved well in my CP soap and did not accelerate trace. My only disappointment was the color. I was expecting it to turn a beautiful burnished copper penny hue and instead it is a lovely cream. I didn't have colorants prepared but I will next time. I wonder what I could do differently to achieve that burnished penny shade?

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Out on a Limb

I went out on a limb ordering this fragrance with 53 5-star reviews. This one is the bomb-diddy! I am NOT a lavender fan, however I have customers who are. And they get grumpy when you don't have a few of the "basics". I am here to tell you this lavender is sexy. It's a deep, dark purple that you fall into and don't want to get out of. I was stalked at the grocery store because I used a bar of this plus some scented Natural Hemp Seed Oil. This Lady finally came up to me and asked what perfume I was wearing because it was amazing. Yeah, that good.

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I have never cared for the cloying scent of Amber so I was not expecting to like this FO. I was happily surprised to find that I not only enjoy the scent, this oil is a champ in cold process soap. It did not accelerate trace and, believe this or not, it actually WHITENED my batter. This may not happen with others depending on their recipe but that sort of shocked a good way. I'm definitely going to be reordering this one soon. Ok, I wanted to be accurate with my review so I am posting this update of Black Amber and Lavender fragrance oil. My colors looked amazing and accurate for about a week. The batter itself, while making the soap, did turn whiter when I added the FO. However, about two weeks in, the turquoise has darkened considerably to a gray. Brambleberry testers are right on with this one. It will darken your soap A LOT. However, this particular soap I was making actually looks really good after the darkening. I am sold on this fragrance. It's lovely and worth using darker micas, etc. to incorporate it. Thanks for another great product BB! :)