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Very Strong

I used this in a melt & pour soap consulting BB's fragrance calculator for medium. Wow! The fragrance was overwhelmingly strong at first, with amber dominating the scent. When I use it again, I might reduce how much I add; however, the fragrance has mellowed with time. The scent itself is a deep exotic perfume like fragrance. The more it mellows, the more I like it.

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Big surprise

I have never cared for the cloying scent of Amber so I was not expecting to like this FO. I was happily surprised to find that I not only enjoy the scent, this oil is a champ in cold process soap. It did not accelerate trace and, believe this or not, it actually WHITENED my batter. This may not happen with others depending on their recipe but that sort of shocked a good way. I'm definitely going to be reordering this one soon.

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My New Favorite Lavender

This is the best lavender fragrance I've ever found. I agree with the description that it is deep and sophisticated. I especially enjoy that it's not too powdery, and has a wonderful balance of sweet, floral, and earth tones.

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I absolutely LOVE this scent. I think this is my #1 favorite that Brambleberry sells. I just wish it didn't discolor!

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One of my bestsellers!

My customers can't get enough of this scent! I can't keep it in stock. Both women and men love it.