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Can I use this in HP soap making ?

Nice Color

Able to achieve a very nice black or grey depending on how much you use. To get black you will have a grayish bubble but rinses out no problem.

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Is this eye safe for cosmetics?

Didn't mentioned if it's eye safe in the description, want to use it to make an eyeliner

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Black oxide pigment

Hi! I used this pigment as prescribed in description, even in lesser amount. I added ~ 1tsp to 1 tbsp of sweet almont oil for 3,3 lb batch of CP. After 4 weeks I tried to use the soap, but the pigment had colored the foam, giving it a greyish hue, as if soilong it a little. What could be the problem? Should I perhaps have waited longer for the pigment to be totally absorbed? Or isuue was in the temperature? Thank you very much!

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Evija! Black oxide can be tricky. To get a solid black color in cold process soap, you would have to overcolor, which can cause a gray or black lather. It shouldn't stain your washcloths or towels though! Check out our Black, White and Gold All Over Cold Process tutorial where we use the black oxide. You will notice the post mentions a gray lather so it is completely normal. If that's not something you're a fan of, you can add less color for more of a rich gray instead of black. :-)

Color for bath bombs

This pigment should be more than ideal if used properly. Please ensure that a product is not already sold under the name you wish to use, as this is enforcable under copyright laws when a listing on any website is well documented. For instance, Angel, you failed to research items already sold with the name you wish to profit from. Help yourself out by checking if any other items have an established sales record with the title you have selected.