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Nice Berry Scent without the Headache

This is a very nice Berry fo. My family likes it. Berry fos usually give us headaches, but this one doesn't come anywhere close. It behaves well; I was able to do a Clyde Slide Swirl without any fo issues. Very happy to have a Berry fragrance that doesn't make me sick smelling it!!

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This is the best raspberry I've tried. Very realistic and spicy flavor. Thanks for the wonderful product!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oil can also discolor lotion. Though lotion discoloration is much less noticeable than soap discoloration. Usually when a lotion discolors it just goes a bit off white and you can only tell when next to an unscented batch.

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Smells amazing

Love the smell it's just way too light. I think the next time I use I may add more then the recommended high dosage

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Blackraspberry vanilla

I absolutely love this fragrance oil. My customers request this over and over. I have never had any issues with discoloration or ricing.

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Yummy and romantic

I had a customer ask me to get this scent and use it in a soap and sugar scrub for her, so I did. Wasn't sure if I would like it but it did surprise me. Very nice and has a slight romantic type undertone to it without being annoying to the sinuses and skin. I made a 3 layer goat's milk and olive oil m&p mix soap using this and the Queen's purple mica and Raspberry mica. It came out amazing! Made a lovely lotion as well.