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This fragrance smells delicious and works perfectly in cold process soap. The scent holds up well in every product I have used it for.

Maria and Bessi
Behavior in CP Soap

This FO worked really well in CP soap! We were able to do a 4 color in the pot swirl with no acceleration, ricing, or discoloration. Also this FO is still very strong after several months of curing.

CP - Awesome

This is my favorite BR&V. I haven't smelled the B&BW version, and from what I gather there are dupes that are closer. But this is my favorite. It's my sister's #1 favorite scent, so I keep some around! It is more balanced between fruit and vanilla scents - very creamy smelling.

Verified Purchase
OMG! This fragrance is the best

Out of the few hp soaps that we make, this has been the best seller and for a reason. A bar of this is always in our shower now. The scent is amazing, we pair it with a 20% super fatter coconut oil soap, and we really can't keep it in stock! It is just an all around amazing scent, we plan to use it for bath bombs next, how're! Thanks AnnMarie

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Great Smell

This fragrance blew me away, it smells so yummy! Only thing is I really could not smell the Vanilla in this. But it is very yummy smell that does well in BB's. Def. buying again a little goes a long way.