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This is one of my best sellers! So easy to work with, no acceleration, no discoloration, and such a lovely scent! Love it and so do my customers!

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This is a fun but romantic fo!! My customers love this scent!! Smells like a sherbet!!

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Thank you Brambleberry!

Thank you so much Brambleberry for your amazing products! I am new to CP soap making and was about to give up because every single fragrance oil I used caused my soap to seize. I wasted so much time and money and was so discouraged. I decided to order fragrances from BB because they will advise which soaps cause acceleration or discoloring, etc. I am so, so thankful for this. I purchased 3 scents that said they did not cause acceleration, and it was true to its word. The Black Raspberry Vanilla is my absolute favorite. When you first open the bottle, it smells iffy because it is so concentrated, but in the soap it smells like heaven. Every fragrance I have used has worked beautifully. I have my soap on a rack curing in my kitchen, and as soon as you walk in you can smell the lovely fragrance (but not overpowering). I used an entire 2 oz on a recipe that made around 65 oz of soap, and that was perfect. For friends, family, or customers, they have the added benefit of a potpourri when their soap sits in their kitchen or bathroom. Everyone has gone crazy over how wonderful it smells. Once again, thank you Brambleberry! You have gained a lifetime customer!

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This fragrance smells delicious and works perfectly in cold process soap. The scent holds up well in every product I have used it for.

Maria and Bessi
Behavior in CP Soap

This FO worked really well in CP soap! We were able to do a 4 color in the pot swirl with no acceleration, ricing, or discoloration. Also this FO is still very strong after several months of curing.