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Comforting aroma

Smells great, but faded over time. I make HP cow’s milk soap and I always start with the medium recommendation for adding the FOs. I will try this one again and give another review!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We found the Black Tea Fragrance Oil should smell strong in Hot Process soap when used at 0.8 oz per pound of soap with our Fragrance Calculator. Hopefully using the higher strong recommendations will help. It can also help to add the scent at a later point in HP isn't quite as hot which can fade the scent. For more tips read our How to Prevent Scent Fading in Soap blog post.

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Southern Sun Tea

This black tea FO reminds me of sitting on a porch over looking the bayou on a hot summer day, waiting for the black tea to be brewed by the sun's heat, in a glass jug. The smell is exactly the same as I had all those years ago till how it is now when I make it for my children. I keep returning to purchase this FO, it is the best Black Tea FO I have found so far on the market. Thank You Bramble Berry for bringing back old memories by scent.

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One of my favorites!

I love this fragrance! The scent is smokey, but is fresh and clean and is neither too masculine or feminine! The color is creamy and it behaves well. I will always keep this fragrance on hand!

I'm sorry, not for me.

Received as a sample with an order & was VERY glad it was just a sample. 99% of FO's I've received from Brambleberry have been FANTASTIC, but this aroma is quite off putting. I don't detect any tea notes at all- it smells very medicinal and strongly of campfire. I hate wasting FO's though, even samples, so I sent a little sniff-swab to a friend of mine and asked for help (she's a blending genius!). Her answer was to blend this with mint & vanilla. So I made a little test batch following her advice and it came out very nice! The mint & vanilla saved this FO for me! Although I would not purchase this, and do not care for it on its own, it did end up blending nicely, so there's that! Brambleberry's "Bergamot Black Tea" FO is great, so I will stick with that one, but when it comes to tea scents, this one just wasn't my personal cup of it! One man's "yuck" is another's "yum" though, so take my review with a grain of salt... If this FO intrigues you, go for it- you may end up loving it! Scent is so incredibly personal anyway, and even though I disliked this FO, it doesn't change the fact that the quality alone of ALL Brambleberry's FO's is always outstanding!

yummy blend

great base scent for "beer" soaps, blend with orange 10x EO, orange peel FO,clove EO, pure honey FO, black pepper FO, aniseEO, mmmmmm!