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A Hit!

We have been using this FO for years in our product line and everyone always loves it! It behaves perfectly in CP soap and the scent is true and lasts and lasts! You will not be disappointed in this one!!

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Beautiful and fresh

Behaved beautifully in my CP soap. No ricing or accelerated trace. Smells wonderful, exactly what I was hoping for. Not too sweet or strong, but lovely and mellow. After a few days, it still smells great.

Smells like Skittles

Hi! I've only tried it in melt and pour soap, so far, so I have no idea how well it would work in CP, but holy moly, the first thing my sister and I thought when we smelled it was "Skittles!" Ha. To me, it smells nothing like actual blackberries or sage, beyond the fact that blackberries are sweet. It IS very sweet. Not a bad scent, though, and not overpoweringly sweet. Amount-wise, I just tossed the Sample-sized container into BB's 10" silicone loaf mold. I've had several people comment on how much they like it. I may try it again some time if I want to smell like candy.

Way too Sweet

Too much sicky-sweet and not enough sage

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Blackberry Sage Cybilla Fragrance Oil is definitely on the sweeter side. If you're looking to make it more earthy smelling you may prefer it blended with some Green Fig Fragrance Oil or Sage, Dalmatian Essential Oil.

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Fragrance rate

I tested in CP soap at .32oz per pound of oil which is the calulator's strong rate. The soap is light a week later. Is this really the recommended rate or is there an error in the calculator?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Blackberry Sage Cybilla Fragrance Oil does have a lower usage rate of 0.32 oz per pound of soap for a strong scent with our Fragrance Calculator. Though our calculator goes by your total soap weight, not just oils so it sounds like you may have been able to use more for a stronger scent.