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Spoke too soon.

This fragrance is just too fabulous not to give it credit. I was sad when it turned the batter yellow but 24hr later it morphed back to a creamy white. Just don’t panic like I did. It will change back. Definitely would purchase again. I keep walking by and sniffing the soap.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
In our testing the Blooms and Berries Fragrance Oil discolored to tan as pictured, not canary yellow. Using certain oils and additives can also affect your soap batter's final color.

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Smell wonderful but ruin my soap colors

This fragrance smell really good, fruity, flowery but it discolor my soap really bad. The white turn yellow even I use lot of white oxide and the red/pink color become ugly orange and taking longer to cure which is so sad cos I love the scent but think I hard to work with this fragrance oil.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
I'm so glad you love the smell of our Blooms and Berries Fragrance Oil. Though this scent will discolor cold process soap as noted on the product page. If you're looking for non-discoloring FOs check out our Clear & Vanilla Free category.

One of my favorites

This fragrance oil is a well balanced blend of fruit and floral, with it being very slightly heavier on the fruit. It works so well together. So far ive used it in lotions, body sprays and sugar scrubs. I will be making a double batch of CP and bath bomb cupcakes next.

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Smells great but discolors

This fragrance smells great! At first it seems too sweet, but then is rounded out with soft florals. Made a batch of cp soap and it accelerated a bit, not too bad, but it turned my base bright yellow. Which wouldn't have been so bad except I was doing a 4 color swirl and the yellow base color discolored the rest of my colors. :( Other than that, this is a lovely fragrance and I would purchase again.

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Blooms & Berries

This is so nice -- love the fragrance. I am new to soap making so I am trying a lot of fragrances. This is one of my favorites.